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What is the Medical Malpractice Statute of Limitations for Minor Children in Texas?

Each state has statutes of limitations that apply to personal injury lawsuits. A statute of limitations sets deadlines for filing personal injury lawsuits. The court can dismiss a lawsuit filed after the statute of limitations expires without considering whether the person has a valid legal claim.  What Is the Texas Statute of Limitations for Medical… read more

Grief Support Groups in Houston, Texas

Losing a loved one is always a horrible ordeal, but when you know your loved one didn’t have to die, it can be almost unbearable. After a wrongful death, you may feel like you’ll never be able to move past that grief. But there is life beyond loss, and grief support groups may be able… read more

Child Car Seat Laws in Texas

Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of death for children. Accidents are also a leading cause of injuries for minors. As a result, there are strict child car seat laws in Texas designed to protect children when they are passengers in a vehicle. Understanding child car seat laws in Texas is essential to protect… read more

What Are the Safest Neighborhoods in Houston, TX?

Houston, TX, has a higher crime rate than 97.9% of all U.S. cities. That is a frightening statistic for anyone who lives there. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to live in Houston safely. You just need to know the safest neighborhoods, which include the following: Fulshear Located on the far western edge of… read more

What You Should Know About Geico Insurance Claims in Houston 

GEICO Insurance Company is Texas’s third largest insurer for passenger automobile insurance policies. Therefore, if you are involved in a car accident in Houston, you may have to deal with GEICO to file an insurance claim.  Even though GEICO claims to make the process of filing an insurance claim “fast and easy,” you might not… read more

What Is the Average Settlement for Medical Malpractice in Houston, TX?

Did a doctor, hospital, or other medical provider cause you injury because of medical negligence or malpractice? If so, you may be experiencing high medical bills and other financial losses. Your injuries may have caused additional pain and suffering as well. You may wonder how much you can expect to receive for a medical malpractice… read more

How Often Does Someone Die in a Car Accident in Texas?

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were 4,481 traffic deaths in 2022. Based on the available data, one person died because of a reportable car accident every 1 hour 57 minutes in 2022. By comparison, about five people died in traffic accidents in the United States every hour in 2022.  Even one death… read more

Statute of Limitations in a Wrongful Death Case in Houston, TX

You can file a lawsuit if you suffer a personal injury due to someone else’s misconduct. In some cases, you don’t even have to prove misconduct to win. But what happens if the victim dies from their injuries?  It is possible to file a wrongful death claim. However, Texas imposes a statute of limitations on… read more

How Much Money Can You Get From Getting Hit by a Car as a Pedestrian?

How much money you can get from getting hit by a car as a pedestrian depends on many factors. However, pedestrian accidents often result in high-value personal injury claims. The medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses can rise quickly because pedestrians often sustain catastrophic injuries. Each pedestrian accident case is unique. Therefore, the factors… read more

Tips on Staying Safe When Taking an Uber or Lyft in Houston, TX

Uber and Lyft continue to dominate the U.S. ridesharing market, with Uber’s sales having increased approximately three percent year-over-year. Given all the conveniences that ridesharing offers, especially in urban environments, it is easy to understand the popularity of this form of travel. There have been numerous advances in technology and safety since Uber first debuted… read more