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What Happens if I Do Not Report a Car Accident in Texas?

Failure to report a car accident in Texas could result in one or more consequences. You could face legal penalties if you do not report an accident to the police. The party who caused your accident could claim that you were at fault, and you could lose valuable evidence for a personal injury claim by… read more

Who Is Responsible for Providing Me With a Rental Car While My Vehicle is Being Repaired?

Even a minor car accident can cause significant property damage to your vehicle. You might be without your vehicle for several days or weeks while the repairs are being made.  For most people, being without their car is not just inconvenient; it is also unrealistic. They must get to work, take their kids to school,… read more

Are Motorcycle Helmets Required by Law in Texas?

According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), motor vehicle crashes claimed the lives of 562 motorcycle riders in 2022. This figure marked an 8% increase over the previous year. Motorcyclists can be vulnerable on Texas roadways and throughout the country. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), helmets saved an estimated… read more

Texas Golf Cart Laws

Many people in Houston use golf carts as a means of transportation. Changes to the Texas golf cart laws allow people to use golf cars on roads with restrictions. It is important to understand the Texas golf car laws to protect yourself from liability in case of a golf car accident. Texas Law Regarding Golf… read more

What Are Nominal Damages in Texas? 

Many injury victims seek to receive financial compensation. Still, others want to pursue justice for different reasons.  Victims often want to tell their stories in court and be heard. They also want the law to recognize that someone harmed them.  While personal injury accidents often cause financial losses, other hardships are associated with suffering an… read more

If Someone Gets Hurt While Working on Your Houston Property, Are You Liable? 

 Various people may visit your home, ranging from friends, family members, and friends of your children to professional colleagues, meter readers, handymen, and babysitters. If one of these people is injured while on your property, are you liable?  As with many questions in the law, the short answer is “It depends.” Property owners may be… read more

10 Largest Trucking Companies in the U.S.

Trucking companies are instrumental in keeping the United States running smoothly. Every day, they are responsible for safely shipping millions of pounds of goods, waste, and other cargo throughout the entire country. These companies also generate billions of dollars in revenue and help other businesses and organizations do the same.  Although there are numerous trucking… read more

The Deadliest Highway Stretches in Texas

Every year, close to 20,000 Texans are seriously injured in car accidents and another 4,000 or so are killed. These crashes can happen anywhere, but there are a few specific highways that tend to be more prone to accidents. These highways suffer thousands of wrecks and see dozens of deaths every year. So which are… read more

What Happens if Another Driver’s High Beams Cause My Houston Car Crash?

High-beam headlights are useful under certain circumstances. When another vehicle is nearby, however, the use of high beams can constitute negligent driving that can cause a car accident. When this happens, you should seek full compensation from the at-fault driver by filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim. Using High Beams With Oncoming Traffic… read more

What Makes Sideswipe Collisions So Dangerous?

As any paramedic will tell you, no two accident scenes are identical. Sometimes, cars hit each other head-on and other times, they barely touch. The most common type of accident is rear-end collisions, but that doesn’t mean it is the only type of accident you should be concerned about. One of the less common types… read more