Houston Construction Accident Lawyer

Houston Construction Accident Lawyer

Have you suffered an injury on a construction site in Houston, TX? The law firm of Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers offers a free consultation to all injured workers in Houston, Texas. Our Houston construction accident lawyers have over 45 years of combined experience standing up for injured clients just like you. We know how to get full compensation in construction accident cases.

Our experienced attorneys know that workplace injuries in Houston are different for construction workers. If you need a construction accident attorney, contact our law firm and one of our lawyers will be in touch with you. You can also call us at (713) 500-5000 for immediate assistance.

How Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’ve Been Injured on a Construction Site

How Our Houston Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’ve Been Injured on a Construction Site

When you have been injured in a construction accident at work, you need an attorney with a depth of experience. Our Houston personal injury attorneys are proud to help injured construction workers recover compensation for their lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. 

The choice of an attorney to represent you in a personal injury case can be a significant one. If you choose poorly, you may be unable to recover the full compensation you deserve. It is important to choose a reputable personal injury firm like Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers. 

Our founding attorney, Brian White, holds a Board Certification in Texas Personal Injury Law. This distinction is awarded by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization to about 3% of Texas lawyers. We have a winning track record and the financial strength to take on the deep pockets of construction and insurance companies. 

When you hire us, here’s what you can expect:

  • We manage all aspects of your case. From beginning to end, our attorneys and staff will handle everything that needs handling in your case. You can focus on recovering. 
  • We conduct an extensive investigation. Construction sites can be complex and so can construction accidents. We undertake a thorough investigation to determine the cause of your accident, all potentially liable parties, and who is at fault for the injury. 
  • We work with prominent Texas experts. In most personal injury cases, medical experts are needed to support injury claims. But in construction cases, additional experts, such as civil engineers, general contractors, or machine operation experts may be needed. We have working relationships with these professionals and work with them to prove our client’s case.
  • We determine liability and hold responsible parties accountable. Using the evidence gathered, expert opinions, and our extensive knowledge of Texas personal injury law, we fight to get our clients the compensation they deserve from the liable party. 
  • We defend our clients when at-fault parties try to pass blame. It is not uncommon for employers, general contractors, and insurance companies to try to blame injured construction workers. We stand up for our clients when they try to pass the buck. 
  • We negotiate with insurance companies so you don’t have to. Most people know not to accept the first settlement offer made by an insurance company. Most people also do not want the hassle of negotiating. We step in to get you a full financial recovery. 

Many lawsuits reach a settlement before trial, but there are cases in which settlement is simply not possible. When these cases arise, the trial lawyers at Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers have what it takes to present our client’s best case to the court. 

Following a construction accident, it is recommended that an injured victim establish an attorney-client relationship as soon as possible. Give us a call today for a free case consultation. We are available 24/7 to discuss your case. 

Common Construction Accident Injuries in Texas

Common Construction Accident Injuries in Texas

Construction accidents may be more common than you think. In 2019, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration determined that a full 20% of workplace fatalities were in the construction industry. As a construction worker, you are at risk every day on dangerous construction sites.

Our law firm handles all types of construction site injuries, but some typical injuries we see more frequently than others. 

The risks of working construction mean that construction accidents often lead to catastrophic injuries. Our law firm has experience with all kinds of debilitating injuries, including brain injuries and even wrongful death claims in Houston .

Industrial Plant Injuries

Industrial plant injuries can happen when a company is constructing new facilities or during turnarounds. Caustic chemicals that are used in construction jobs can lead to chemical burn injuries

Industrial plant sites are also common sites for back injuries. Construction workers involved in slip-and-fall accidents may be entitled to compensation for their injuries and lost wages. 

Electrocution Injuries

Construction workers often use heavy machinery and equipment to do their job. Any time you are working with electrical equipment, there is a risk of electrocution injuries

Sometimes, electrocution accidents happen in conjunction with other commercial vehicle accidents. When the driver of a forklift or crane becomes distracted, they may inadvertently come in contact with live electrical components. 

A sharp personal injury attorney knows that faulty equipment can also lead to these types of accidents. It is important to find an attorney who will fully investigate the cause of your accident. 

Amputation Injuries

Unfortunately, crushing accidents can be common on construction sites. When a heavy piece of equipment falls onto an extremity, pinning it to another surface, an amputation injury may result. 

Amputation injuries often involve claims of loss of earning capacity and loss of enjoyment of life. These can be difficult to value. What is the lost limb worth to the person who lost it?

Our medical and legal experts know how to properly value non-financial damages, like pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. Don’t accept less than your losses are worth. 

What Damages Are Available for Construction Injuries in Texas?

First, it depends on how you decide to pursue compensation. You could be entitled to damages in a civil lawsuit and/or benefits through a workers’ compensation insurance policy.

Third-Party Claims

What Damages Are Available for Construction Injuries in Houston Texas

If you opt to file a third-party claim against your non-subscribing employer or a negligent third party,  you may be entitled to recover both financial and non-financial damages. It helps to understand what these are. 

Financial damages are easily quantified or counted. They can be shown by documents like receipts, pay stubs, and tax returns. 

Some financial damages available include:

These financial losses caused by your construction accident must be tabulated. In addition, the loss of future income earning capacity is a complex calculation requiring special accounting knowledge. 

Non-financial damages are also awardable. Non-financial damages are less easy to put a figure on. For example, non-financial damages include:

Since these are more difficult to quantify, multiple experts and a team of knowledgeable attorneys must usually work together to come up with a total number. Our law firm has procedures in place to identify, calculate, and obtain the compensation you are due from the at-fault party. 

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Not all employers in the state of Texas are required to opt-in to a workers’ compensation insurance program. If your’s doesn’t, then you’ll have the right to file a civil lawsuit against them if they contributed to your construction site accident. If your employer does subscribe to a workers’ compensation policy, you can seek benefits. 

These benefits are limited in scope and include temporary income benefits, supplemental income benefits, disability benefits, and approved medical expenses. 

Who is Liable for Construction Accident Injuries in Texas?

Employers may not always be liable for workplace injuries on construction sites. In some cases, equipment manufacturers are responsible for defective products. Other times, property owners or general contractors might be to blame.

If your employer is liable, your company may or may not pay opt-in to workers’ compensation. But a knowledgeable attorney at Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers can make sure that you are able to afford all necessary medical care. 

How Could Comparative Negligence Factor in If I’m Injured in a Construction Site Accident in Houston, Texas?

How Could Comparative Negligence Factor in If I’m Injured in a Construction Site Accident in Houston Texas

Comparative negligence is a system used to reduce the amount of compensation owed to an injured person by the percentage for which they are responsible for their injury. If you were partly responsible, but another person or entity bears over half of the responsibility for your injury, you can still recover reduced compensation under Texas law. 

For example, if an injured person is entitled to recover $100,000 but they are 25% responsible for the injury, they will only recover $75,000. Even if you believe you were partly at fault, our attorneys can work to minimize your fault and help you get the full value of your potential recovery. 

However, it’s important to know that comparative fault won’t apply if you’re seeking benefits through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, which means that injured construction site workers can get benefits, regardless of blame.

What is the Time Limit for Construction Accident Cases in Texas?

The time limit, or statute of limitations, for construction accident cases, including wrongful death claims, in Texas is two years from the date of the injury or death. Once the deadline has passed, an injured person may forever lose their right to recover.

Again, a different set of rules apply when an injured worker seeks workers’ compensation benefits. You’ll have up to 30 days to let your employer know that you’ve suffered an injury. If they subscribe to a workers’ compensation insurance program, you’ll then have one year to file a formal request for benefits.

It is always recommended that an injured person reach out to an attorney as soon as possible after an accident. This way, the attorney can get started on your case and make sure that the claim is timely filed. 

Our attorneys will make sure that your construction accident case is filed before the statute of limitations expires. Even if your settlement negotiations are moving toward resolution, filing a lawsuit can provide leverage to the injured party. 

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