Shark Trucking Co. Accidents

Shark Trucking is a commercial trucking company based in Houston that provides services for port and local transport. It also has several trucks capable of handling oversize materials that require both length and weight accommodations. With transportation available for port needs, Shark Trucking adds another… read more

Hot Shot Trucking Co. Accidents

Hot Shot Trucking is a nationwide shipping company that handles deliveries all over the United States. It specializes in expedited deliveries, making deliveries in a short span of time, no matter how far the drive. While the modern world of delivery almost demands fast transport,… read more

C.R. England Trucking Co. Accidents

C.R. England is a refrigerated trucking company based in Utah, but it does business throughout the United States and Mexico. This means there’s a chance you’ll encounter a C.R. England truck while on the road in Texas. The company also has maintenance and driving school… read more

Core Trucking Co. Accidents

Core Trucking Co., of Texas, provides several types of transport services for local and on-the-road deliveries, including intermodal transport. The variety of different services mean Core Trucking Co., handles materials from multiple industries and delivers across the whole of Texas. An accident with one of… read more

Texas Trucking Company Accidents

Texas Trucking Company, Inc., is a transportation solution for road material that has been in operation since 1976. The company primarily works with the materials needed for road and parking lot construction and operates several types of vehicles to fit client needs within Texas. These… read more