Truck Accidents

Aggressive Driving By Truck Drivers in Houston

Aggressive driving and road rage are very real issues. Always a dangerous practice for other vehicles and people on Houston roads, the stakes of aggressive driving rise exponentially when it involves truck drivers at the helm of large and heavy vehicles. In one survey, 80% of polled drivers said they showed aggression, anger, or road… read more

What Are the Insurance Requirements for Texas Commercial Trucks?

In Texas, trucking companies are required by law to maintain proof of liability insurance for all of their vehicles. The amount of insurance depends on many factors, such as the type of truck, the cargo it is transporting, and whether the truck is transporting that cargo within Texas or over state lines.  If you are… read more

What Does It Mean for a Truck to Jackknife?

The truck or cab of a tractor-trailer controls the movements of the tailor it is pulling. When the truck accelerates, the trailer is pulled along. Through careful maneuvering, tractors and their trailers can navigate turns and curves. When the truck brakes, connections between the two ensure that the brakes on the trailer are also activated. … read more

What Are My Options After an Accident in Houston With a USPS Mail Truck?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) delivers millions of mail items every day. Much of that mail is delivered by the over 75,000 mail carriers employed by the USPS. Therefore, it is common to see mail USPS mail trucks navigating Houston roads each day. Just like other vehicles, USPS mail trucks are involved in traffic… read more

Types of Commercial Driver’s Licenses in Texas

A commercial driver’s license (CDL) allows an individual to operate a commercial motor vehicle. Federal law gives the Secretary of Transportation the authority to set minimum uniform standards for issuing commercial driver’s licenses. At a minimum, the law requires a person to pass written and driving tests and complete driver training to obtain a CDL…. read more

What Is a Commercial Vehicle?

There are several ways to define “commercial motor vehicle.”  Section 621.001 of the Texas Transportation Code states a commercial motor vehicle is : A vehicle other than a motorcycle Used or designed to transport property or for delivery purposes Section 548.001 of the Texas Transportation Code states a commercial motor vehicle is a self-propelled or… read more

Dangers of Overloaded Trucks

We’ve all felt a sense of apprehension at the sight of an overloaded semi barreling down the highway. Instinct sends a natural warning to give a heavily-loaded truck a safe distance. This reaction exists for a good reason: an overloaded truck poses a life-threatening danger.  Overloaded trucks can be deadly, and strict regulations exist that… read more

What Happens if I Was Hit by a U-Haul With No Insurance in Texas? Who Is Liable?

U-Haul is a popular rental company for trucks and trailers. Depending on availability, you could rent a 26-foot truck. Unfortunately, a person does not need a commercial truck license or special training to rent a U-Haul truck. Moving trucks can be difficult to handle, especially when they are fully loaded or hauling a car or… read more

How Fast Can Commercial Trucks Safely Travel on Highways?

It can be intimidating to see a large 18-wheeler fly by while traveling along Houston roadways. Speed limits are designated to protect everyone on the road and are set to be the maximum under the best weather and road conditions. When conditions are bad, the law stipulates that vehicles should travel at slower, safer speeds…. read more

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Semi Trucks

Before the pandemic, the trucking industry seldom got the credit it deserved. Now, most Americans appreciate the value of semi-trucks and the role they play in our economy. Still, there’s a lot that the average person doesn’t know about the vehicles, the industry, and its drivers. This post will cover five facts about semi-trucks that… read more