Texas Laws

What You Need To Know About Houston’s School Bus Safety Laws in Texas

School is back in session, and many children across the Houston area rely on school bus transportation to get to and from school. Although school bus crashes nationwide are rare, they can still be deadly. In 2021, the National Safety Council reported over 100 people were killed in school bus accidents in the U.S. In… read more

How Much Does a Texting Ticket Cost in Houston, TX?

Distracted driving remains a pervasive problem on America’s roadways, with as many as 3,522 people losing their lives in 2021 due to this factor alone. Like most states, Texas has tried to combat the dangers of texting while driving through education and enforcement. Public service campaigns attempt to inform drivers of the dangers of using… read more

5 Popular Animals That Are Illegal as Pets in Texas

Wild, exotic, or somewhat unusual animals are popular as pets throughout the United States. Owning these animals can be problematic, however, as they may be dangerous, an endangered species, or an invasive species that could harm nearby ecosystems. As such, Texas law prohibits or regulates keeping certain animals as pets. Pet owners are responsible for… read more

At What Age Can Kids Sit in the Front Seat of a Car in Texas?

Important safety rules that protect children in cars have evolved over the years in response to accident and safety data. The law reflects this evolution and typically changes to reflect any updates. At one time, there were simply no rules to address the issue of children riding in the front seat.  Today, however, experience, research,… read more

Are Wolf Hybrids Legal in Texas?

Pit bulls, rottweilers, and doberman pinschers often come to mind when people fear dogs. However, wolf hybrids have been proven to be unsafe even when being taken care of by an ideal owner.  Even if owners believe their wolf hybrids are properly domesticated, it is often dangerous to keep these animals on their property.  Dog… read more

Leash Laws in Texas

Many Texas dog owners like to let their dogs go unleashed. While your furry friend might enjoy this freedom, this choice can occasionally leave the owner facing fines and sometimes even losing their dog.  So before you let your dog go unleashed, take the time to learn the Lone Star State’s position on leash laws…. read more

When Is Passing on the Right Permitted?

If you’ve ever driven on Texas highways, you’ve surely seen signs reading “Left Lane for Passing Only.” These signs are a regular fixture on Texas highways. But does that mean you can never pass on the right, or are there exceptions to this rule? Left-Lane Passing Is the Law While many people think of the… read more

Texas Golf Cart Laws

Many people in Houston use golf carts as a means of transportation. Changes to the Texas golf cart laws allow people to use golf cars on roads with restrictions. It is important to understand the Texas golf car laws to protect yourself from liability in case of a golf car accident. Texas Law Regarding Golf… read more

What Is the Texas Basic Speed Rule?

Some people ask whether Texas has a speeding law. The short answer is yes. In fact, Texas has some of the harshest speeding punishments in the nation. For example, you could receive a speeding ticket in Texas for driving one mile above the posted speed limit at any given time. However, this isn’t always the… read more

Commonly Forgotten Driving Laws in Texas

Most people count on their driver’s licenses for long-distance travel and short daily commutes. However, it is important to understand the ways in which a Texas driver’s license can be suspended or revoked.  There are many forgotten driving laws in Texas that can cause motorists to lose their licenses. Without a license, people face many… read more