Texas Laws

What Is the Legal Driving Age in Texas?

Getting a driver’s license is an important rite of passage. However, it can also be scary for young and inexperienced drivers to get behind the wheel of a metal machine capable of traveling at high speeds and causing severe accidents. Here is what you need to know about the legal driving age in Texas.  Age… read more

Do You Need a Front License Plate in Texas?

There is much confusion concerning license plate requirements around the U.S. One of the most important of these that several states, including Texas, enforce for their drivers is the appearance of a front license plate. Is a Front License Plate Required in Texas? The short and simple answer here is yes. Texas law requires drivers… read more

Texas Drone Laws

As technology for drones (UAEs or unmanned aerial vehicles) has advanced, so have the laws governing their use. More and more people are purchasing and using drones in Texas. It is necessary to have drone laws to protect the general public from invasions of privacy and potential harm and injury.  Commercial flyers and hobbyists have… read more

Is It Illegal To Drive Barefoot in Texas?

Many drivers believe that driving barefoot is against the law. But is it really? The simple answer is no — driving barefoot doesn’t violate any laws. Even so, it may not be the safest option, as driving with bare feet could contribute to car accidents in certain cases. Driving Barefoot In Texas Is Illegal —… read more

Do Backseat Passengers Have To Wear a Seatbelt in Houston?

Road safety is a serious issue in Texas. One of the easiest ways to keep safe behind the wheel is to wear a seatbelt. While most Texans understand the importance of buckling up, there is often confusion about Texas’ seatbelt laws.  This includes whether backseat passengers have to wear a seatbelt in Houston. At Attorney… read more

Texas Marijuana Laws – What You Need to Know

Over the past few years, there’s been a notable shift in how the U.S. views marijuana. States like California and New York have legalized it recreationally, showing a significant change in attitude. What was once taboo is now accepted by many. But, it’s important to remember not every state is on this wave. Texas, for… read more

What You Should Know About Traffic Violations in Texas

Most states use a points system with a certain number of points assigned for specific traffic violation convictions. When too many points are accumulated within a period of time, usually one to three years, the motorist’s license is suspended.  Texas had a point system called the Driver Responsibility Program or DRP from 2003 until 2019,… read more

Do I Need Texas Motorcycle Insurance?

We all know that in Texas, you need car insurance to legally operate a car. But what about motorcycles? Not surprisingly, the State of Texas requires motorcycle insurance, too. This makes sense. Motorcyclists and their passengers are more at risk of being injured in the event of an accident, including one caused by bad weather…. read more

Is It Illegal To Drink While Boating in Texas?

Texas open container laws do not apply to boats. You can drink alcohol while boating in Texas without breaking the law. However, it is illegal to operate a boat while intoxicated.  What Are the Texas Boating DUI Laws? Texas Penal Code §49.06 makes boating while intoxicated illegal. It is unlawful for a person to operate… read more

Child Car Seat Laws in Texas

Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of death for children. Accidents are also a leading cause of injuries for minors. As a result, there are strict child car seat laws in Texas designed to protect children when they are passengers in a vehicle. Understanding child car seat laws in Texas is essential to protect… read more