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How We Use AI to Win Cases

Artificial intelligence has been all over the news lately, and for good reason. Chat GPT and similar tools are giving everyday people greater access to AI than ever before. This technology is becoming part of our daily lives, and it opens up some exciting new possibilities. For instance, in the legal industry, AI tools can… read more

How to Approach a Free Consultation with an Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured, the law may have a remedy. Your first step in pursuing relief is to set up a free consultation with an attorney. What Occurs During a Consultation? During your free consultation, you will get the chance to present your situation to an experienced attorney. It is… read more

How a Lawyer Can Help Negotiate a Severance Package in Houston

Are you being offered a severance package after leaving your job in Houston, TX? Severance agreements can be complex and contain requirements that make a big impact on your future. An experienced attorney can review the agreement and negotiate terms that are fair to you. Leaving a job can be stressful, filling you with uncertainty… read more

How do Parents Evict their Adult Children in Texas?

Your adult child moved back in with you. They said it would be temporary, two years ago. They are still living in your house and they don’t show any signs of preparing to leave. You are ready to have an empty nest and want to be able to live kid-free. What options do you have… read more

Why Won’t a Personal Injury Attorney Take My Case?

Attorney Brian White has aggressively pursued compensation for accident victims for over a decade. Every client who calls his office receives a return phone call from him within 24 hours. He has committed himself to making the Houston area better by helping those injured by other’s negligence. CNN has reported on the difficulties many people… read more

How to Take Part in a Class Action Lawsuit

The closest many people come to a class action suit is late-night infomercials for the latest prescription drug recalled by the Food and Drug Administration. Though these are usually legitimate, you do not always have to put in the legwork and “sign up” for a class action. In reality, if a class action is approved… read more

Top 10 Mobile Apps for Law School

With the increasing use of technology in both the classroom and courtroom, law students are likely to want to start using law apps as soon as possible. Not every option designed for legal professionals is suited for a student, though. A mix of apps specifically for law students and ones that can transition to practice… read more

Top 10 Blogs for New Legal Professionals

Blogs are an excellent way of keeping informed about the news and developments in any profession. The legal profession can change particularly quickly, and blogs provide a ready source of news and recent developments for any lawyer. Some of the best blogs for new professionals are: The Law Insider The Law Insider blog has advice… read more

Top 10 Mobile Apps for Legal Professionals

If you are a busy professional, your smartphone is likely an integral part of performing your job. This is especially common for those in the legal profession whose jobs require a great many tools to perform correctly. Here are some of the most suggested apps for legal professionals. All Law A free source for federal… read more

How You Should Dress for Court in Houston, TX

Court appearances are formal occasions, and it is very important to dress and act appropriately, no matter where you will be appearing. From how you are dressed to how you approach the judge to how you interact with others involved with the hearing, everything matters. When appearing and comporting yourself in court, learn the proper… read more