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What Happens if I Was Hit by a U-Haul With No Insurance in Texas? Who Is Liable?

U-Haul is a popular rental company for trucks and trailers. Depending on availability, you could rent a 26-foot truck. Unfortunately, a person does not need a commercial truck license or special training to rent a U-Haul truck. Moving trucks can be difficult to handle, especially when they are fully loaded or hauling a car or… read more

How Fast Can Commercial Trucks Safely Travel on Highways?

It can be intimidating to see a large 18-wheeler fly by while traveling along Houston roadways. Speed limits are designated to protect everyone on the road and are set to be the maximum under the best weather and road conditions. When conditions are bad, the law stipulates that vehicles should travel at slower, safer speeds…. read more

How Long After a Car Accident Can You File a Police Report in Texas?

Car accidents are an unfortunate yet common problem on Houston roads and highways. After an accident, drivers are under certain obligations and may face criminal charges for not abiding by them. Filing a crash report with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) in a timely manner is one of these obligations.  A crash report is… read more

How Serious Does a Collision Have to Be for Airbags to Deploy?  

Modern vehicles are outfitted with several standard safety features designed to prevent collisions, reduce the severity of a wreck, or protect occupants in the vehicle if they crash.  Blind-spot mirrors, seat belts, automatic emergency braking systems, and adaptive cruise control are common features. Perhaps the most important safety feature in a vehicle is airbags, which… read more

Does My Car Need to Go to a Specific Shop for Repairs After an Accident?

It has happened to nearly everyone. One day, you are driving your trusty vehicle as you normally would, and the next, you find yourself in a car accident with a damaged vehicle. Once the dust settles and all of the reports are filed, you may be wondering where you should take your car for repairs. … read more

Should You Call the Cops After a Fender Bender in Houston, TX?

Houston traffic can get pretty bad, and it’s hard to avoid the occasional fender bender. Car accidents happen to everyone at some point, and it’s a relief when the damage is minor.  When you’re caught in a minor car accident in Houston, TX, it can be tempting for both drivers to agree that the damage… read more

Is Jaywalking Legal in Texas?

Jaywalking is the term used to describe a person illegally crossing the street on foot. If you are caught jaywalking, you could be given a citation. Texas has numerous pedestrian laws that define when a pedestrian has the right-of-way. A pedestrian has the right of way when crossing the road in most cases. Motorists should… read more

Vaping Laws in Texas

Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking tobacco products. Vaping devices allow the user to inhale an aerosol that contains nicotine and other chemicals. Many vaping products contain flavorings, making vaping attractive to younger users.  Vaping devices are battery-operated. Some devices are disposable, while other vaping devices are rechargeable. They may resemble a USB… read more

Understanding The Basics of At-Fault Insurance In Texas

States determine their own auto insurance laws. Two systems are prevalent: at-fault and no-fault. Texas, like most states, applies an at-fault approach for compensation in the event of a car accident.  In a no-fault system, each party looks to their own insurance to pay damages arising from an accident. In an at-fault system, the at-fault… read more

What Should You Do if You Are Hit While Driving Someone Else’s Car?

Knowing what to do when you’re involved in an accident can be complicated, especially if you’re driving someone else’s car. This blog post will fill you in so that you can be prepared if you find yourself in this situation. We’ll start with some simple instructions. Try to remain calm and call 911 to report… read more