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What is a Class C Misdemeanor in Texas?

NOTE: This article is for informational purposes only. We only handle cases involving accidents and injuries.  Criminal actions fall into many different classifications under Texas law. In general, two main types of crimes exist: felonies and misdemeanors. Misdemeanors are the less serious of the two and involve fines less than $4,000. In some cases, misdemeanors… read more

What If I File a False Police Report in Texas?

If you believe that someone else is legally responsible for your injuries, it’s natural to want to hold them accountable. On the other hand, there are right and wrong ways of doing this. Filing a false police report can not only harm the viability of your personal injury claim, but it can also leave you… read more

Hit By a Drunk Driver in Houston on the Fourth of July? Here’s What You Should Do

The Fourth of a July is a wonderful time to spend time with friends and family and celebrate the anniversary of our nation’s independence. However, some people take the cause for celebration to the extreme. We routinely notice an uptick in the number of DUI-related injuries around holiday weekends such as these. What should you… read more

Beware of Dangerous Children’s Pool Toys

Many American families enjoy pools during the hot summer months, and many children’s pool toys can be fun and safe ways to enjoy the water. However, several types of children’s pool toys can cause serious harm in certain circumstances. It’s crucial to know which toys could pose a danger to your children. Some devices like… read more

Is Buzzed Driving Considered Drunk Driving?

Summer is a great time for gatherings with friends, cookouts, and vacations. Adults who enjoy social drinking typically tend to drink more during the hot summer months, so it’s important to keep a few best practices in mind when it comes to alcohol consumption and driving. Unfortunately, many people falsely believe that a small amount… read more

Avoiding Four Wheeler ATV Injuries

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) can be a great way to have fun this summer, but it’s vital to acknowledge the inherently dangerous nature of these vehicles and know a few best practices to avoid injuries. ATVs, while smaller than most passenger cars, are still heavy and potentially dangerous motor vehicles that do not have the same… read more

Child Injuries at Summer Camp

A summer camp can be a great way to keep your child active and safe this summer, but it’s important to understand the risks that some summer camp activities may pose. If you are sending your child to a summer camp, be sure to follow a few best practices to help him or her avoid… read more

Safe Boating at Lake Houston

Many Texas residents will take to Lake Houston this summer to enjoy boating and other watercraft during the hot weather. Boating can be a great way to spend a summer day until an injury occurs. It’s essential for boat owners to know their responsibilities to their passengers and other boaters, just as a person who… read more

Avoiding Swimming Pool Injuries This Summer

Many American families enjoy swimming pools during the hot summer months, but it’s important to know how to avoid some common swimming pool injuries. Additionally, it’s imperative for pool owners to know how to properly maintain their pools to keep the water free from potentially harmful substances and organisms. As we focus on safety this… read more

When Do Employers Have Liability in Car Accident Cases?

When examining potentially liable parties for your car accident, consider whether an employer could bear legal responsibility for damages. The other driver’s employer might not have caused your crash, but the laws of vicarious liability could mean the company has to pay for your losses anyway. In certain circumstances, you may have the right to… read more