Brain Injury

4 Types of Brain Injuries and 3 Levels of Severity

Doctors categorize brain injuries in many ways. The type of damage, the cause of the injury, and the severity of the injury help distinguish various types of brain injuries from each other. The different types of brain injuries can also explain the symptoms you might experience and your prognosis for recovery. These, in turn, will… read more

What is a Coup Contrecoup Brain Injury?

Brain injuries are some of the most common types of injuries sustained by accident victims. From mild concussions to traumatic brain injury, brain injuries can cause numerous side effects and long-term impairments. Examples of causes of brain injury include, but are not limited to: Car accidents Bicycle accidents Slips and falls Motorcycle crashes Truck accidents… read more

What Are the Causes and Effects of Brain-Stem Injuries?

Your brain stem is located at the top of the spinal cord. An injury to the brain stem can affect multiple body functions, including motor and sensory functions. Depending on the severity of the injury, a person could sustain debilitating impairments from a brain stem injury. What are the Effects of A Brain Stem Injury?… read more