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What Are the Top 10 Disabilities?

Numerous people in Texas are living with a disability. Many also participate in the labor force, but others rely on disability benefits to survive.  Nationwide, the largest sources of disability compensation are:  In December 2022, more than 388,000 SSDI recipients had applied for workers’ compensation benefits. In Texas, 2.3% of adults 18 to 64 receive… read more

Is It Legal To Run A Yellow Light In Texas?

In 2022, disregarding traffic signs and signals caused numerous traffic crashes in Texas. However, running traffic signs and signals may lead to fewer collisions than distracted driving and speeding do.  Nevertheless, these accidents injure or kill thousands of Texas motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists every year. Understanding what drivers must do at a yellow light tells… read more

Do You Need a Front License Plate in Texas?

There is much confusion concerning license plate requirements around the U.S. One of the most important of these that several states, including Texas, enforce for their drivers is the appearance of a front license plate. Is a Front License Plate Required in Texas? The short and simple answer here is yes. Texas law requires drivers… read more

What Is a Truck’s No Zone?

Commercial trucks have large blind spots called “no zones.” Blind spots represent the areas around the vehicle the driver cannot see when using mirrors. Commercial truckers are aware of no zones, but they sometimes ignore them, placing other motorists at risk. These blind spots are responsible for a significant number of truck accidents each year…. read more

What Texas Cities Have the Most Car Accidents?

The Lone Star State is known for many things, including having a significant number of traffic accidents every year. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there were over 4,000 fatal accidents in Texas in 2021. This was more than any other state, including California, Florida, and New York. This is not to say… read more

Vehicle and Driver Requirements For Uber and Lyft in Texas

A common complaint about public transportation is the condition of the vehicles. They may be dirty, poorly maintained, and older. In addition, drivers may not be polite or friendly. The popularity of rideshare companies has given taxis and other public transportation options serious competition. In addition to the cost and convenience of rideshares, Uber and… read more

Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident That Wasn’t My Fault?

If you were injured in a car accident due to another driver’s negligence, you are not required to hire a lawyer. However, hiring a car accident lawyer after an accident can help you prove the other driver was at fault and collect financial compensation as a result.  After a car accident that was another driver’s… read more

Why Is Bobtailing Dangerous?

Large commercial vehicles are difficult to control. Their size, weight, and high center of gravity increase stopping distance, require extra space to turn, and make it easier to lose control of the vehicle.  You may be familiar with risks like jackknifing, which happens when the trailer and cab start to move in different directions. When… read more

What Types of Injuries Are Commonly Associated with T-Bone Accidents?

T-Bone accidents are a dangerous type of car accident and involve one vehicle’s front end colliding with another vehicle’s side (thus forming a “T” shape). Also known as side-impact accidents, T-Bone accidents can lead to a wide variety of injuries to drivers and passengers. To those sitting on the side of the vehicle that is… read more

How Much Can You Get In A Car Accident Settlement in Texas?

Car accidents in Texas can be devastating experiences. Not only can you be left without a mode of transportation, but you may also suffer physical and emotional trauma that can take months or years to recover from. If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Texas, you could be entitled to compensation for your… read more