Premises Liability

What Is the Difference Between Premises Liability and Slip and Fall?

“Premises liability” and “slip and fall” are so often used interchangeably that it might be difficult to tell the difference between the two claims. Nevertheless, they are not the same—they just bear a close relationship with each other, and they often go together. Premises Liability Claims The owner or manager of property owes a duty… read more

If Someone Gets Hurt While Working on Your Houston Property, Are You Liable? 

 Various people may visit your home, ranging from friends, family members, and friends of your children to professional colleagues, meter readers, handymen, and babysitters. If one of these people is injured while on your property, are you liable?  As with many questions in the law, the short answer is “It depends.” Property owners may be… read more

Know Your Rights: When Is a Property Owner Liable for a Houston Slip and Fall Accident?

If someone falls on your property, are you liable? It depends on how the person was injured and their status when the fall occurred. If you recently slipped and fell while visiting someone else’s property, you should consider hiring a Houston slip and fall accident lawyer to discuss your legal options.  What Are Some Common… read more

5 Leading Causes of House Fires in Texas

The numbers tell us that most house fires in Texas are preventable. Nevertheless, they occur regularly and leave extensive property damage, and sometimes human casualties, in their wake. By understanding how these blazes occur, you can help reduce the risk of one in your home.  1. Cooking It’s unfortunate that an activity virtually all households… read more

5 Leading Causes of House Fires

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), across the nation, fire departments responded to nearly 350,000 home fires on average each year from 2015 to 2019. The devastating results for each of those years include an average of 2,620 civilian deaths, 11,070 injuries, and over $7 billion in property damage.  Fire prevention saves lives… read more

Victims, Families Search For Answers After Deadly Astroworld Crowd Surge

Astroworld Festival – a concert planned by Houston native Travis Scott – took a tragic turn on Friday night. At least eight people have died, and hundreds more were injured at the sold-out music festival. According to reports, dozens of concertgoers were crushed and trampled during a crowd surge while Travis Scott was on stage…. read more