Dangerous Products

Can Insurance Companies Force You to Use Aftermarket Parts?

After a serious car accident, the two main issues you must contend with are personal injuries and property damages. Taking your damaged vehicle to an auto mechanic is one of the first steps toward obtaining compensation for repairs or replacement. Once you submit your information to the insurance company, however, you may lose control over… read more

Fidget Spinner Injuries

Fidget spinners are the latest fad for American kids, but these spinning bits of plastic may be more dangerous than most parents realize. In recent tests, researchers found some of the cheaper fidget spinners on the market feature substandard materials and inadequate machining, and some are capable of inflicting serious cuts and eye injuries. What… read more

Cell Phone Injuries: Distractions, Defective and Dangerous

The cell-phone is a source of information, communication, and constant connectivity – but it’s also created a significant hazard to users all over the world. Aside from the staggering rates of cell-phone-related car accidents, there is a rising problem with injuries from cell-phone use while walking. Cell-phone users are stepping into traffic, running into walls,… read more

Famous Product Liability Cases

Each year, it seems that certain products make headlines – but for the wrong reasons. Last holiday season, trendy hoverboards caught fire in mall kiosks and family homes, endangering children. And this year, Samsung recalled its Galaxy Note 7s and halted the manufacture of them for exploding in cars, homes, even in airplane cabins. The… read more

Keep an Eye Out for These 5 Christmas Decorating Hazards

Christmas is a time to spend with family, trim the tree, drink egg nog, and indulge in merriment until the New Year. More than 80% of Americans deck their halls as part of holiday celebrations. While Christmas can be a season unmatched in its joy, it’s also a season rife with accidents. ER visits spike… read more

These 10 Everyday Objects are More Dangerous Than You Think

We all have things that make us squirm; it’s spiders for some and the idea of being trapped in an elevator or falling off a cliff for others. While the likelihood of actually sustaining a deadly bite from a spider or plunging to our doom is fairly low, it’s still enough to make us shiver…. read more

How Over-the-Counter Medication Can Affect Your Driving

Because over-the-counter medications aren’t controlled by doctors, many of us think of them as harmless. However, many of these medications can impact your ability to drive and driving while on certain medications can even constitute as driving under the influence. Your pharmacist will most likely tell you which medications will affect your driving ability, but… read more

Actos Bladder Cancer Lawyer

The popular diabetes drug Actos has been connected to bladder cancer. Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Actos, knew that this drug had serious side effects but it never made that information public. As a result, lawsuits against Actos are now happening. Drug makers are responsible for the drugs that they market and sell. When these… read more