Bicycle Accidents

The Most Common Bike Accident Injuries

When you head out to the park or opt to cycle for your morning commute, the last thing you expect is for a reckless driver to seriously harm your health. However, this situation is a reality that happens to countless cyclists daily. Bike accidents can lead to a variety of injuries, but some are more… read more

Suffering a Ruptured Spleen in a Bike Accident Is Serious

Many individuals use bicycles as a form of transportation or for recreation or exercise. Unfortunately, there are many injuries that a person might suffer in an accident while riding a bike.  While head injuries have received a lot of attention, and rightfully so, many other catastrophic injuries can occur. One of these is spleen damage,… read more

Should You Ride Your Bike on the Sidewalk in Houston, TX?

Whether or not you should ride a bike on the sidewalk has been the center of debate for decades. Avid walkers might argue no, while cyclists who do not feel safe on busy or narrow streets might say otherwise.  In some Houston districts, such as business districts, it is illegal to ride a bike on… read more

10 Important Bicycle Laws in Texas

It is important for bicyclists to know the law. State laws regarding cyclists vary, so it is important to know the laws where you live and ride. Texas has a number of laws concerning bicyclists.  The Texas Transportation Code, Chapters 551 and 545, has a number of sections that pertain to bicycles. Here are 10… read more

New Year, New Fitness Safety Tips – 2019 Edition

Every year, millions of Americans make a New Year’s Resolution to get into shape. Most gyms see a massive influx of new members during the early months of each year, while the streets of Houston see more bicyclists, joggers, and pedestrians. Despite the fact that many people are trying to get in better shape, they… read more

All the Bicycle Laws You Need to Know in Houston

In 2016, Houston recorded seven pedal cyclist fatalities. The state of Texas had the third-highest number of pedal cyclist fatalities in the country the same year, with 65 deaths. As a Houston bicyclist, it is important to know your rights and all applicable bicycle laws in your municipality. Otherwise, you could end up in a… read more

Houston Takes Steps Toward Improving Dangerous Bike Intersections

While bicycling offers many benefits, it’s not without risks. In car accidents, a bicyclist has much less protection than those inside the car – which can lead to devastating injuries. On Bike to Work Day in May 2018, Mayor Turner instructed BikeHouston to work with the city to improve bicyclist safety. This was in response… read more

Will Car Insurance Cover Me In A Bike Accident in Texas?

In 2016, 65 bicyclists died on Texas’ roadways. This was a 25% increase from 2015. Hundreds more bicyclists in Texas suffered injuries and had to go to the hospital for collision-related harms. When a bicycle crashes into a motor vehicle, other bicycle, or stationary object, the rider can suffer serious injuries. Fractures, head and brain… read more

Cyclists Beware! 10 Statistically Fatal Bicycling Routes in the U.S.

In terms of lasting health benefits, increasing daily energy, and improving overall happiness, cycling tops the list of cardiovascular activities. Unfortunately, not all of America’s infrastructure is prepared to handle a high volume of cyclists. Florida is the worst offender, with 6.56 cyclist deaths per million annually. Louisiana and Oregon come in second, with 3.93… read more