Insurance Bad Faith

Can You Sue An Insurance Company Without A Lawyer?

Purchasing an insurance policy is essentially buying a promise that the insurer will pay for damages in a covered event. The terms of an insurance policy dictate which events qualify for coverage and the insurer’s coverage obligation. Most insurance policies also include various disclaimers and other special clauses that may complicate an insurance claim, but… read more

What Can I Do If A Driver’s Insurance Company Refuses to Accept Liability for the Crash?

In states that follow fault-based systems for handling car accident insurance claims, an at-fault driver’s insurance policy will generally cover the damages from an accident up to the limits of the policy. The claimant must prove the at-fault driver’s liability for the accident and then send a demand letter to the insurance carrier requesting a… read more

What is Subrogation?

You might hear the term “subrogation” when dealing with an insurance claim in Texas. Subrogation is a common word in the insurance industry, but as a claimant, it might be a new concept to you. All types of insurance claims and policies can involve subrogation. This process serves to reimburse your insurance company for a… read more

3 Signs of a Bad Faith Insurer

The law obligates insurance companies to handle claims and policyholders with good faith. Unfortunately, not all insurers take the duty of good faith seriously. Some try to unfairly deny or delay claims to save money. It is for this reason that bad faith insurance claims exist – to enable claimants to fight back against negligent… read more

Denial of Insurance Claims in Texas

The recovery process doesn’t have to end if an insurance company denies your claim. You can – and should – fight the denial with an insurance appeal. Retaining an insurance bad faith lawyer to guide you through this legal process can make it much easier for you and your family – especially if you’re trying… read more

The Insurance Claims Process in Texas

The more you know about the insurance claims process in Texas, the better prepared you will be for the ensuing conversations, paperwork, and settlement negotiations. Some insurance claims will be simple and straightforward, while others may involve complex litigation, insurance bad faith, extensive injuries, questions of fault, and/or other roadblocks to recovery. Contact an insurance… read more

Filing a Third-Party Insurance Claim in Houston

A “third party” in an insurance claim is anyone other than the claimant who caused or contributed to the accident. Another driver in a car accident claim, a vandal in a property damage claim, and a property owner in a premises liability claim are all examples of third parties that could be liable for your… read more

Filing a First-Party Insurance Claim in Houston

Learning the difference between a first-party and third-party insurance claim can be difficult. Knowing which to file after an accident, however, is important to the success of your claim. Understanding what differentiates the two types of claims in Texas can help you take prompt action in the event of an accident, injury, or natural disaster…. read more