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Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in Houston, TX

A slip and fall accident can happen quickly and without warning, but the effects of your injuries may be felt for a long time afterward. Slip and falls can happen for many reasons, and the cause of your accident can play a significant role in your claim for compensation. Determining the cause and liability for… read more

What Happens When a Pedestrian Causes an Accident in Houston?

Many times, accidents where pedestrians get hurt are caused by drivers who are not paying attention, are careless, or have had too much to drink. But sometimes, a pedestrian can be the reason for a big car crash.  Even safe drivers might have to suddenly turn their car to avoid hitting a pedestrian who shouldn’t… read more

Who Pays for Damages In an Accident Caused By a Stolen Vehicle In Houston, TX? 

Finding out your car was stolen is awful. Finding out it was stolen and involved in a car accident is worse. If you are in this situation, you might have plenty of questions. “If someone steals your car and crashes, are you liable?” “How am I going to pay to get my car fixed?”  Understanding… read more

What You Need To Know About Houston’s School Bus Safety Laws in Texas

School is back in session, and many children across the Houston area rely on school bus transportation to get to and from school. Although school bus crashes nationwide are rare, they can still be deadly. In 2021, the National Safety Council reported over 100 people were killed in school bus accidents in the U.S. In… read more

How To File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Houston, TX

When one person injures another through misconduct, a personal injury claim generally arises. If the victim dies from their injuries, a wrongful death claim arises. Texas, like other states, has a wrongful death statute that governs the filing of wrongful death claims everywhere in the state, including Houston. So how does one file a wrongful… read more

How Much Does a Texting Ticket Cost in Houston, TX?

Distracted driving remains a pervasive problem on America’s roadways, with as many as 3,522 people losing their lives in 2021 due to this factor alone. Like most states, Texas has tried to combat the dangers of texting while driving through education and enforcement. Public service campaigns attempt to inform drivers of the dangers of using… read more

Concussion Without Loss of Consciousness 

Concussions are much more common than many people believe and can occur in a variety of circumstances. The force necessary to cause these brain injuries is also less than you may think, and not all concussions appear the same. In fact, many people get a concussion without losing consciousness at all. What Is a Concussion?… read more

Is IKEA Responsible When Its Furniture Tips Hurt Someone?

IKEA is a popular furniture retailer based in Sweden. People visit stores and shop for the brand online. Unfortunately, some of IKEA’s furniture has caused injuries and deaths from tipping over.  According to USA Today, at least six children have died in the past decade because of IKEA’s furniture tipping over onto them. The company… read more

Car Accidents Caused By Brake Checking in Houston 

Brake checking while traffic is congested can affect even the best of drivers. Even when there is no traffic, a driver might tailgate you because they think you are driving too slow.  When this happens, it might be tempting to brake check the driver behind you. However, brake checking can cause serious car accidents. The… read more

What Is the Safest Type of Motorcycle?

Many people find riding a motorcycle out on the open road to be fun and exciting. While motorcycles can be thrilling, they also pose a huge risk to those driving them. While other motor vehicles can certainly be safe drivers for motorcyclists by using a turning signal and giving them plenty of space, motorcyclists also… read more