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Arched Back Crying by Infants

Babies cry for a variety of reasons. Even though there is nothing abnormal about a baby crying, many parents worry that their newborn is in pain or something is wrong when they cry a lot. The fact is that a newborn does not have any way to communicate except through crying. Newborns cry when they… read more

Can A Totally Inexperienced Person Become A Federal Judge?

The Trump Administration took great pride in filling vacant federal judge positions. However, some of the former President’s appointments were surrounded by controversy. Some appointees faced past scandals and allegations of wrongdoing. Other appointees lacked experience and were not recommended by the American Bar Association.  Should we be worried about inexperienced judges being appointed to… read more

How Much Does a Semi Truck Weigh?

Semi-trucks are common on Texas roads. We share the roads with these massive vehicles every day as they transport goods throughout the United States. When you are following an 18-wheel truck, do you ever wonder how much it weighs? Semi-Truck Weight – Loaded vs. Unloaded On average, a semi-truck weighs about 30,000 to 35,000 pounds… read more

How Much is My Workers’ Comp Case Worth?

Texas does not require employers to obtain workers’ compensation insurance. But for those that do, the workers’ comp carrier can provide compensation to injured employees. The compensation paid for a workers’ comp claim covers medical costs and provides temporary income replacement. For workers whose workplace injuries have caused permanent disabilities, workers’ comp insurance will also… read more

Defective Combat Earplugs Lawsuits

Thousands of United States veterans are suing 3M Company because of injuries caused by defective combat earplugs. The lawsuits allege that men and women sustained hearing loss and developed tinnitus while using the combat earplugs. There are over 140,000 individuals who have already come forward with claims, and more claims are expected to be filed… read more

What’s Causing Neck and Lower Back Pain After a Car Accident?

Pain in the back and neck represents one of the most common complaints after a car accident. This pain may range from general soreness to intense, debilitating pain. Pain may appear immediately after the crash. It may also manifest after a delay or increase in intensity over time. It may not remain isolated to the… read more

Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers Announces New Houston Office Location

It’s easier than ever to get the help you need after an unexpected accident in Houston, TX. Attorney Brian White & Associates, P.C., now has offices in two convenient Houston city locations. Our primary location is in the Greenway/Upper Kirby Area, southwest of Houston. This area falls inside The Loop, also known as Loop 610… read more

How to Deal with a Progressive Car Accident Claim

Progressive is the second-largest insurer in Texas. With 13.35% of the Texas auto insurance market, it trails the state’s top insurer, State Farm, by only 0.08%. Progressive also earns some of the lowest customer ratings for claims handling, according to J.D. Power. Its customer satisfaction ratings are far below the industry average. They have the… read more

How to File a Car Accident Claim with Fred Loya

Fred Loya is one of five brands that fall under the Loya Insurance Group. The other brands include Young America Insurance, Loya Insurance, Rodney D. Young Insurance, and National Insurance. Together, these brands put Loya Insurance Group among the 20 largest Latino-owned businesses in the U.S. When compared to the national brands, such as GEICO… read more

How to Handle a Car Accident Claim with ACCC

Handling a car accident claim with ACCC Insurance Company has become very complicated. ACCC did not have enough funds to keep operating and entered into receivership in December of 2020. The special receiver will oversee the liquidation of the company. Ever since ACCC went into receivership, claims under ACCC’s policies have become difficult to navigate…. read more