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The Most Common Motorcycle Crash Injuries

It is no secret that motorcycles carry an elevated risk of crashes and injuries. Because motorcycles are not equipped with the same safety features as passenger vehicles, some of these injuries may be more severe than those that might occur after a car accident. Knowing that injuries are more common in motorcycle wrecks and what… read more

Will You Go To Jail After a Fatal Car Accident in Houston?

Car accidents in Houston, the most populated city in Texas, are a common occurrence. Sadly, many of these accidents can be catastrophic and result in death. When this occurs, prosecutors may pursue criminal charges against the party at fault. In Texas, various laws correspond with accidental death. In any fatal car crash, jail time is… read more

How Many MPH Can I Go Above the Speed Limit in Houston, TX?

If you live in Houston, you likely deal with the hustle and bustle of city traffic. The Space City consists of interconnected highways, freeways, and busy roads. After all, it’s the largest city in Texas. As with any major urban area, traffic laws are designed to protect drivers and pedestrians. Unfortunately, one of the most… read more

Houston Community Event: Back-Pack To School Project

Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers hosted the Back-Pack to School Charity Event on Saturday, August 6, 2022. We are pleased to announce that the event was a huge success! The Attorney Brian White team packed a U-Haul full of brand-new backpacks, school supplies, and hygiene products and delivered them to the deserving students at… read more

How Long Should I Wait Before Going to a Chiropractor After a Houston Car Accident?

If you believe you were injured in a car accident, seek immediate medical attention. You may need to go to the emergency room or urgent care facility to receive care or determine the extent of your injuries. Even without an apparent injury, it’s a good idea to see a doctor. You might also choose to… read more

Window Tint Laws in Texas

Many vehicles on the road have some type of tint on the windows. Tinting vehicle windows helps protect them from heat and harmful rays. It can also reduce glare. However, there are restrictions on tinting vehicle windows in Texas. Rule 21.3 of the Texas Administrative Code sets the standards for privacy window devices for motor… read more

What Is a Commercial Vehicle?

There are several ways to define “commercial motor vehicle.”  Section 621.001 of the Texas Transportation Code states a commercial motor vehicle is : Section 548.001 of the Texas Transportation Code states a commercial motor vehicle is a self-propelled or towed vehicle. It does not include farm vehicles.  The vehicle can be one with a gross… read more

Delayed Concussion Symptoms

A concussion happens when your brain suffers a mild injury. The injury causes the brain to swell, leading to physical, cognitive, and emotional symptoms. These symptoms will usually not kill you. But they can temporarily impair your ability to work or even meet your daily needs like showering and dressing. Below, you will learn about… read more

What Is CTE? 

The degenerative brain condition known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is commonly observed in people who have had several traumatic blows to the head. CTE, once known as “punch drunk syndrome,” is closely associated with individuals who have experienced recurrent concussions.  Understanding CTE  CTE was once believed to be exclusive to boxers. However, over time… read more

Is Lane Splitting & Filtering Legal in Texas?

One of the most stressful parts of driving any car is waiting in stopped or sluggish traffic. If you’re riding a motorbike, you could be wondering if you can squeeze your vehicle into the gap between slower vehicles and continue your journey. This is sometimes referred to as lane splitting.  In other cases, you might… read more