Motorcycle Accidents

Do You Have to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet in Texas?

Most people ride motorcycles for the thrill of the journey. And most people who ride motorcycles know that they take on a little risk every time they hop on a bike. Still, that little bit of risk is usually worth the adventures, the experience, and the memories. But if you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, there are… read more

Motorcycle Accidents vs. Car Accidents: How Are They Different?

Motorcycle accidents differ from car accidents in significant ways. Motorcycle accidents cause more injuries and deaths than car accidents. Unfortunately, the injuries that they cause also tend to be more serious. In this short guide, we’ll take a look at the statistics for motorcycle accidents vs. car accidents. What Are the Differences Between Motorcycle Accidents… read more

7 Common Motorcycle Crashes and How to Avoid Them

For riders, there’s nothing better than the traveling trifecta: an open road, wind on the face, and freedom. Riding a motorcycle is a great way for enthusiasts to build new friendships, reduce stress, and clear the mind. In fact, studies show riding a motorbike can improve a person’s mental health and brain activity.  While hopping… read more

How Likely Are You to Get in a Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle riders may be thrill-seekers, adrenaline chasers, and adventurers, but they’re also more safety-minded than they get credit for.  Still, riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous — at least, it’s more dangerous than other forms of travel. The truth is that motorcycle riders are 29 times more likely to die than passengers of cars and… read more

What’s a Motorcycle Crash Bar & How Does it Work?

A motorcycle accident has the potential to cause significant harm to both a rider and their vehicle. There are a lot of different steps motorcyclists can take to potentially guard against catastrophic injuries and severe damage to a bike. Some motorcyclists attempt to minimize property damage in the event of an accident by installing crash… read more

How Dangerous Are Motorcycles?

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. For many riders, that’s part of the appeal. But living on the edge and endangering your life are two separate things.  The facts are indisputable: motorcyclists are at greater risk than other travelers. In fact, in comparison to car passengers, you are four times more likely to be injured… read more

How Safe Is a Motorcycle?

Motorcycles are less safe than other forms of transportation. On a per-mile basis, motorcycle accidents cause more deaths and injuries than car accidents. Motorcycle accidents also have worse outcomes than car accidents. Motorcyclists have little protection in a collision. They can sustain catastrophic injuries even in minor accidents. Curious how safe a motorcycle is? Today,… read more

Is a Motorcycle Really Worth the Cost?

For a dedicated motorcyclist, a motorcycle is always going to be worth the cost. Riding a motorcycle is more than just enjoying the open road. Many riders own a motorcycle because they are fuel-efficient and can be less costly to maintain than an automobile.  However, there are numerous costs that come with riding a motorcycle…. read more

Facts About Road Rash

Road rash is a physical injury that is all too familiar to those who ride motorcycles. The injury is not exclusive to motorcycles, as it can affect bicyclists and even those in other motor vehicles which are ejected during a crash. The term road rash is used to describe injuries that occur when skin slides… read more

Houston Man Among 3 Dead, 9 Injured in Motorcycle Collision in Texas Hill Country

In a tragic motorcycle accident on July 18, 2020, three members of the Thin Blue Line Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club lost their lives. The crash occurred in the Texas Hill Country near Kerrville. The three members who died were Jerry Wayne Harbour, Joseph Paglia, and Michael White. The crash occurred while some of the members… read more