The Legal Process Following a Car Accident

Navigating the process of filing an insurance claim and gaining compensation for your injuries can be difficult, especially when you don’t know what to expect. Being familiar with the legal procedures that follow a car accident can help you better prepare for what comes next…. read more

What Is A Deposition?

A deposition is a person’s sworn out-of-court testimony that is part of the discovery process during court case. Its’ purpose is to gather information to potentially be used in trial. If you take part in some form of litigation, a time may come when you… read more

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Lawyer for Your Car Accident Case

Even if you pride yourself on being calm under pressure, car accidents are stressful. You’re dealing with insurance companies, medical bills, and emotional trauma from the accident, itself. A lawyer can help make the claims process smoother, but only if you look to the right… read more

How to Take Part in a Class Action Lawsuit

The closest many people come to a class action suit is late-night infomercials for the latest prescription drug recalled by the Food and Drug Administration. Though these are usually legitimate, you do not always have to put in the legwork and “sign up” for a… read more

How You Should Dress for Court

Court appearances are formal occasions, and it is very important to dress and act appropriately, no matter where you will be appearing. From how you are dressed to how you approach the judge to how you interact with others involved with the hearing, everything matters…. read more