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Texas Amazon Flex Delivery Accidents

The rise of Uber and Lyft created options that consumers never had before. Hailing a cab and overpaying for it is no longer necessary. As the practice is becoming more popular and widespread, the ridesharing companies have fine tuned their business practices in an effort to make things more safe for driver and passenger alike…. read more

Involved In A Car Accident And Other Driver Has No Insurance?

Getting into a car accident is bad enough, but to make it worse you’ve found that the other driver has no or minuscule insurance. They could have also just driven away, as a hit-and-run is quite common if the person who hit you has no insurance. If that happens many thoughts run through your mind,… read more

What is the Minimum Amount of Auto Insurance Coverage Required in Texas?

It has been a national requirement to have auto insurance in some form for nearly 100 years. States have the autonomy to decide what the minimum requirements will be, along with any other insurance laws. Texas’ car insurance regulations are indeed different from its neighboring states, so it’s important to know exactly what your policy… read more

How Apps like Snapchat are Causing Dangerous Distracted Driving

Texas is a big state.  The vast highways throughout the state encourage long road trips to explore the state.  For decades, Texans have taken to the highways on vacation to explore every inch of the state – from Big Bend to Amarillo.  Unfortunately, the increasing use of smartphones has caused a staggering number of distracted… read more

Common Causes of Aircraft Accidents

Commercial jetliner accidents are exceedingly rare, and often dominate news headlines for weeks after the accident. The mystery of flight MH370 has haunted the general public and the relatives of the victims for years now, and no one has a firm conclusion as to what occurred to the plane. However, plane accidents are exceedingly rare,… read more

Can I sue a mechanic / Auto repair shop for negligence?

DISCLAIMER: Our law firm does not handle these types of cases. As we exclusively handle personal injury cases, we can only help if you have been injured in an accident. The content in this blog post (“post”) is meant for general informational purposes only. Information found in the post does not constitute as formal legal… read more

Preventing Burn Injuries: 5 Tips

Burns vary widely in scope – they are, at best, mild medical conditions, while at worst, they are life-threatening emergencies with permanently disabling consequences. Fire-related burn injuries are the most common in adults, however, chemicals and electricity also cause severe burns. In children, scalding is the most common cause of burn injuries. Luckily, you can… read more

Who Is At Fault In Big Rig Accidents?

Truck accidents can be catastrophic. Victims who sustain injuries can face long-term consequences. Commercial trucks are heavier than personal cars and trucks, and they often carry hazardous materials. According to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there were nearly 3,500 fatal truck accidents in 2014 alone. Because they have the potential to be… read more

Famous Product Liability Cases

Each year, it seems that certain products make headlines – but for the wrong reasons. Last holiday season, trendy hoverboards caught fire in mall kiosks and family homes, endangering children. And this year, Samsung recalled its Galaxy Note 7s and halted the manufacture of them for exploding in cars, homes, even in airplane cabins. The… read more

What Can I Do If the Other Driver in an Accident Doesn’t Have Insurance?

Even though Texas requires drivers to carry at least minimum coverage car insurance before getting behind the wheel, hundreds of drivers are on the road without policies. As long as rules of the road are in place, there will always be drivers who break them – either out of negligence or in an attempt to… read more