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How to Avoid Semi-Truck Blind Spots

Most vehicles have blind spots – breaks in a driver’s field of vision that keep him or her from seeing surrounding vehicles. In consumer vehicles, drivers can often adjust for the blind spot with a quick physical shift or visual aids such as extra mirrors. As the size of a vehicle increases, so does the… read more

Texas Landowners Part 1: Introduction to Premises Liability and Negligence Claims

If you own a rental property, a farm, a commercial property, or a home in Texas, you could encounter both general negligence and premises liability claims from those injured on your land. Understanding the difference between the two types of claims and your duties as a landowner can help you minimize liability risks in the… read more

Texas Landowners Part 2: Premises Liability Legal Statuses and Duty of Care

If someone suffers an injury on your land as the result of hazardous conditions, he or she may choose to file a premises liability claim. In these claims, the visitors would need to not only prove the hazardous condition caused the injury, but also that the landowner owed the visitor a certain level of care…. read more

Texas Personal Injury vs. Texas Workers’ Compensation Law

Most states require employers to carry worker’s compensation insurance to cover employee expenses related to on-the-job injuries. Texas, however, does not require coverage. Some employers offer little to no assistance for job-related injuries and illnesses. Our state allows employers to opt into a worker’s compensation insurance program. If you are injured at work, your employer’s… read more

How New Technology Reduces 18-Wheeler Wrecks

Truck part defects, distractions/driver errors, and passenger vehicles can all contribute to big rig truck wrecks. Stricter regulations and public service announcements only go so far in making the roads safer. Today, new technology is stepping in to minimize crash risks associated with human error. Driverless 18-wheelers are still a few years away, but these… read more

Tips for Communicating With Lawyers at Your First Meeting

While some people crack lawyer jokes with friends and others rub shoulders with attorneys in their communities, many feel nervous about speaking with attorneys at the start of a case. The initial consultation is like an interview. Fit, ease of communication, and honesty matter and will set the tone of the attorney/client relationship. If you’ve… read more

Is Personal Injury Protection Insurance a Worthwhile Investment in Texas?

In Texas, current insurance laws only require drivers to maintain valid liability insurance to cover $30,000 for injured individuals up to $60,000 per accident as well as $25,000 in coverage for property damage per accident. While personal injury protection (PIP) insurance is not mandatory in the same way as liability insurance, many drivers choose to… read more

Cell Phone Injuries: Distractions, Defective and Dangerous

The cell-phone is a source of information, communication, and constant connectivity – but it’s also created a significant hazard to users all over the world. Aside from the staggering rates of cell-phone-related car accidents, there is a rising problem with injuries from cell-phone use while walking. Cell-phone users are stepping into traffic, running into walls,… read more

Recent Product Recalls and What to Do if You Have a Recalled Product

Product manufacturers bear a great responsibility to the safety of consumers. Manufacturing techniques and the finished product must adhere to strict industry rules and regulations to ensure they are safe for the general public and their intended consumers. Unfortunately, mistakes happen and defective or dangerous products come into the hands of unsuspecting consumers. Keeping up… read more

Common Road Hazards and How to Avoid an Accident

Road hazards are unpredictable and difficult to detect until it is too late. Hundreds of accidents happen in Texas every year due to damaged and poorly maintained roads. Road hazards often result from improper upkeep from roadway crews and the government bodies in charge of inspecting the roads for hazards and making timely repairs. The… read more