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Should I Apply to Law School?

There is a huge debate about whether applying to law school is worth the effort. The answer, as with many things, is “it depends.” There are pros and cons to applying to law school, so consider your personal interests and skills and how they match up with this ambition. You should also take a few… read more

Child Passenger Safety Tips

Children are the most precious cargo any driver will ever transport. In a high-traffic, a heavily populated area like Houston, drivers must be particularly vigilant about passengers’ safety. Brian White and his associates encounter seriously injured people every day, some of whom witnessed car accident fatalities. White and his associates never want any of those… read more

The Dangers of Unregulated Child Seat Products

Brian White and his staff are dedicated to helping car accident victims and their families get through the trauma that results after a crash. Additionally, the firm wants to help people learn about preventative measures that can keep them stay safe on the road. One such preventative measure involves education about unregulated car seats and… read more

Unsafe Pharmaceutical Drugs That Slipped Through the FDA

Pharmaceutical drugs are a huge industry in the U.S., and the medicines they produce are often a huge help to the average citizen, especially when it comes to serious illnesses and rare diseases. It’s crucial, though, to know which drugs are safe and which could lead to illness, injury, and death. Below, Brian White and… read more

Is Hands-Free Driving Safe?

Most people know the basic rules of safe driving, but it can be easy to forget them if you’re an inexperienced driver or are in a hurry. Since it’s a busy urban area with heavy traffic, Houston is one of the easiest areas in which to experience a driving accident. Many Houston residents employ hands-free… read more

Defamed on Google?

Internet defamation is a relatively new phenomenon in the personal injury world. Since the advent of the World Wide Web, people have been using the internet to publish unfathomable amounts of information. Sometimes, the content people publish on the internet may be harmful to others. While there have been a handful of successful cases of… read more

Bed Bugs and Negligence: Your Rights in Texas

Anyone who owns or operates a building that receives guests must provide a safe and clean residence free from danger. Hotel owners, in particular, must maintain the building under strict safety standards. Since 2014, these laws have been tightened and now consider a bed bug infestation a cause for significant injury. Houston, Texas, lists bed… read more

Cavities, Crowns, and Compensation: Dental Malpractice in Texas

Dental malpractice suits can occur for a number of reasons. Dental procedures can often be invasive and may result in long-term injuries if proper care isn’t followed. A 12-year study of 242 medical legal cases found that several types of injuries occurred, eight of which were fatal. According to this study, the more common procedures… read more

The Takata Airbag Recall and How it Affects Consumers

The airbag is one of the simplest and greatest additions to modern cars, keeping people safe since 1941. Normally a standard feature, this lifesaver recently hit the spotlight when airbags supplied by Japanese parts manufacturer, Takata, were found defective. Takata’s problematic airbags affected multiple models across several brands. The problem is so pervasive that more… read more

Hurt During Basic Training? Know Your Rights

Sustaining an injury during basic training can lead to lost time and temporary discharge. A recent study of 756 men and 474 women found that out of these numbers, 102 men and 108 women were discharged due to an injury sustained during basic training. Most temporary discharges were for treatment and recovery, resulting in lost… read more