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How Long After an Accident Does It Take to Get Whiplash Symptoms?

“Whiplash” refers to a specific type of injury to the muscles and ligaments of the neck. When the neck’s soft tissues extend beyond their typical range of motion, commonly in the back-and-forth motion of a car accident, they can sustain injuries. An individual could also get whiplash while playing sports, on an amusement park ride,… read more

Tips for Negotiating Your Accident Settlement

There are many questions you are likely to have after a car accident – not the least of which concerns a potential settlement. If you were not at fault for the crash, the other driver’s insurance company will soon be in contact with you. During this time, it is important to practice smart negotiation tactics… read more

America’s Most Dangerous Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, a unit of the U.S. Department of Labor came out with its latest report on fatal occupational injuries in December 2016. The report outlined the national census of injuries for the year 2015 (the most recent year data is available). The report showed shocking statistics for fatal on-the-job injuries, an… read more

Am I Liable if a Contractor Is Injured in My House?

If you are undertaking a homebuilding project, you may have a significant learning curve in terms of hiring contractors. Contractors come with their own rules, insurance policies, and other considerations when they perform work on a private property. As the homeowner, you have specific legal duties toward your contractors and subcontractors. If a contractor sustains… read more

How to File a Claim Against Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

If you suffer an illness or injury while on a Royal Caribbean cruise, it may be possible to file a claim against the company. This might be the case if your incident stemmed from negligence on the part of the cruise line or one of its employees. Here are three steps to take if you… read more

What Are the Laws Regarding Merging Traffic on Texas Highways and Freeways?

Texas’ highways and freeways are some of the busiest in the United States. They see thousands of daily commuters, sightseers, and 18-wheelers every day. Although merging lanes and entering highways are skills drivers learn upon receiving a driver’s license, the rules and realities of this skill can be much different on hectic roadways. Learning the… read more

Are Bars and Clubs Liable for Over-Serving in Houston, TX?

When you go out to a bar or club for a few drinks with friends, you have a personal responsibility to conduct yourself appropriately. What you may not know is that bars and clubs also have a responsibility. In Texas, state dram shop laws prevent alcohol-selling establishments from selling to overly and obviously intoxicated customers…. read more

An Explanation of the Texas Good Samaritan Law

In general, Good Samaritan laws exist to protect people who act in good faith while administering aid to those in need. If you stop at an accident scene to address someone’s wound or attempt to move someone from a fiery building, for example, you are acting as a Good Samaritan. Every state uses its own… read more

Why You Should Never Ever “Brake Check” Another Driver

Tailgating other drivers is a well-known act of road rage, but brake checking is another aggression-based action that deserves attention. Brake checking is the act of braking hard in front of a tailgater to dissuade the driver from following too closely. Drivers in front often think they won’t face responsibility for resulting car accidents, but… read more

How Much Space Drivers Must Leave Between Cars at Highway Speeds

During the day-to-day commute, many drivers travel on autopilot. They focus more on their to-do lists and less on safe driving distances. If you’re in the middle of your daily travel schedule, headed off on a trip, or taking the kids to school, safe driving distances are more than recommendations. They represent researched guidelines designed… read more