Many food recalls occurred in Texas during December of 2018, and all Texas residents should be wary of any affected products they may have purchased before retailers removed these products from store shelves. Most product manufacturers will offer refunds, rebates, or other forms of compensation for products affected by a recall, so pay close attention to the foods you have recently purchased and check to see if any fall under the recent recalls.

  • Tillamook Creamery Ice Cream recalled their Vanilla Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Udderly Chocolate ice cream varieties due to undeclared color additives.
  • Agropur MSI Ingredients LLC recalled their 24 ounce packages of Jay Robb Unflavored Egg White Protein for undeclared allergens.
  • Rich Products Corp. recalled their Vanilla Flavored Whipped Icing due to potential chemical contamination.
  • NOW Foods recalled their NOW Vitamin B-50 Complex with C 100 Veg Caps due to a labeling error.
  • Frito Lay recalled their 16-count Smartfood Delight Variety Pack Sacks and their 16-count Crunch & Pop Mix Variety Pack Sacks for undeclared allergens.
  • La Casa de Limber, Inc. recalled their 6.5 ounce case packs of six dozen each of Oreo Limber due to undeclared allergens.
  • Confections by Michael Recchiuti had to recall their Recchiuti Bittersweet, Smooth, rich and complex and Recchiuti Feve three ounce containers for undeclared allergens.
  • Cadence Gourmet LLC had to recall several of their vegetable products packaged in ten pound and 30 pound containers due to possible Salmonella contamination and Listeria contamination.
  • Harvest Food Group recalled their Signature Select Mexican Style Roasted Corn and Path of Life All Natural Southwest Quinoa for possible Salmonella and Listeria contamination.
  • Bazzini LLC recalled their Super Colossal Roasted & Salted Pistachios for possible Salmonella contamination.
  • Working Cow Homemade Inc. recalled several varieties of ice cream in three gallon packages due to possible Listeria contamination.
  • The Wornick Company recalled Chef Sensations Fire Roasted 1/2″ diced onion/pepper for potential Salmonella and Listeria contamination.
  • Adam Bros Farming, Inc. recalled cauliflower, green leaf lettuce, and red leaf lettuce due to possible E. Coli contamination. This recall only affects products harvested between November 27th and November 30th of 2018.
  • Apio, Inc. recalled many of their Eat Smart Single-Serve Salad Shake Ups for possible Listeria contamination.
  • The Moonstruck Chocolate Company has recalled their four ounce packages of Sea Salt Caramels Tumbled in Milk Chocolate due to undeclared allergens.
  • Achdut LTD recalled several sizes of packages of their Tahini, Seasoned Tahini, Organic Tahini, and Whole Tahini due to possible Salmonella contamination.
  • Del Monte Foods, Inc. recalled their Fiesta Corn Seasons with Red & Green Peppers for under-processing.
  • Danone North America recalled their Light & Fit Greek Crunch Nonfat Yogurt & Topping S’mores flavor for undeclared allergens.
  • Chukar Cherries recalled several varieties of their products due to undeclared allergens, including their Organic Ultra Dark Vanilla Chocolate Rainier Cherries, Ultra Dark Chocolate Black Forest Cherries, Organic Ultra Dark Orange Chocolate Tart Cherries, and Ultra Dark Chocolate Cocoa Pecans.
  • Sprout Creek Farm recalled their Kinkead Cheese for possible Listeria contamination.
  • Gemini Food Corporation recalled their canister packages of Imperial Taste Fried Garlic and Fried Red Onions for undeclared allergens.
  • Ottogi America, Inc. recalled their Jin Ramen Spicy five-pack and Jin Ramen mild five-pack due to undeclared allergens.
  • Mannarich Food, Inc. had to recall their Fish Ball with Black Moss, Fish Paste with Black Moss, and Fish Paste products for failure to present these products at a U.S. point of entry for inspection.
  • JBS Tolleson, Inc. recalled their raw beef products for potential Salmonella Newport contamination.
  • Chunwei, Inc. recalled several Ready-to-Eat raw meat and poultry products for undeclared allergens.
  • 165368 C. Corporation, a partner of Long Phung Food Products, had to recall several of their Ready-to-Eat Pork Patty Roll flavored products with anchovy sauce due to potential Listeria contamination.

Most of these recalls occurred due to undeclared food allergens, so be sure to check the foods in your home for any affected products if you suffer from any food allergies. An allergic reaction can be fatal for some people. If you consumed any of the listed recalled products and became ill, a Houston injury attorney can advise you of your available legal options against the product manufacturer.

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