Dogs are kindly nicknamed “man’s best friend” for the love and loyalty they show their owners. However, even man’s best friend can have bad moments and cause harm to others. 

There are countless dog breeds, but some tend to be more aggressive and prone to biting than others. It is important to understand the key dog bite statistics of these breeds and what you should do if you’re injured by a dog in Texas.

Which Dog Breeds Are Known To Be Most Dangerous?

Certain dog breeds have a higher likelihood of hurting others. The following are just some of the dog breeds that statistically show a tendency toward aggression. 

Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are arguably the most well-known dangerous dog breed. This is one of the reasons why they are not allowed in many places, like certain apartment buildings.

Historically, pit bulls were trained to participate in dog fights. To this day, they are still used for dog fighting, which is one of the main factors that contribute to their reputation for aggression.

Pit bulls are responsible for about 22.5% of dog bites. Training and upbringing have a lot to do with how dangerous pit bulls can be. 


Aside from pit bulls, rottweilers are also known to be menacing. Their size alone can pose a threat to any child or adult, as they can grow to be 22 to 27 inches tall and weigh up to 130 pounds. 

Rottweilers can be very territorial and protective. They don’t usually act aggressively toward their owners and known individuals, but they can become dangerous around people they don’t know or intruders. 

German Shepherds

German shepherds have a mixed reputation. They can make great family dogs and are regularly used in law enforcement for their impressive abilities. Still, German shepherds can also pack a strong bite.

These dogs are quick, agile, and strong. The same characteristics that make them wonderful work dogs can also make them dangerous. 


Doberman pinschers make great guard dogs. However, they also tend to bite.

“Pinscher” derives from the French word “pincer,” which means “to nip” or “to bite.” Their propensity to bite, combined with their large stature, make Dobermans more likely to attack than many other breeds. In fact, 75% of dogs used in combat during World War II were Dobermans. 

Chow Chows

Chow chows have a lovable appearance that can make it hard to believe they would hurt anyone. But chow chows are difficult to train and have been known to attack, especially children. 

Because chow chows look harmless, many people let their guard down around these dogs. But under all that fur, this breed is strong and muscular and can cause extensive injury in an attack.

Why Are Some Dogs Prone To Be Aggressive?

Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand why some dogs attack. A multitude of factors can contribute to a dog bite.

Certain dog breeds have reputations for being aggressive because it’s in their DNA. If you look into the breed’s history, they are often born and bred to protect and attack. It can be tough to change this genetic predisposition.

Additionally, dog training, or lack thereof, can contribute to a dog’s tendency to be dangerous. Some dogs are simply trained to attack, while others never receive proper training to learn not to be aggressive.

What You Should Do If a Dog Bites You in Texas

Regardless of the reason, a dog attack can result in serious, even life-changing, injuries. If you experience a dog bite, it’s essential to seek medical attention right away. You will also want to ensure you obtain legal assistance. A qualified Texas dog bite lawyer can investigate the incident and determine how to pursue justice and compensation on your behalf.

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