Traffic Lawsuits and Liability in Texas

Many different variables determine who is responsible for injury or damages following a traffic accident. Liability is not black and white. This is especially true in multi-car pileups. The legal definition of fault may differ from its traditional usage, so what does fault mean for… read more

5 Things to Never Mention to Insurance Companies After Traffic Accidents

Driving is such a part of our daily lives that avoiding car accidents may seem impossible. Getting into a traffic accident is stressful, even when the other driver is clearly at-fault and gracious enough to claim liability. Much of this stress is due to dealing… read more

Who Is Responsible for Pot Holes Causing Vehicular Damage?

The government is tasked with keeping roads clear of debris, free of potholes, and safe to drive on. Yet when cities are in trouble, one budget often compromised is the department of transportation. If your vehicle is damaged because of a pothole in Texas, are… read more

Cyclists Beware! 10 Statistically Fatal Bicycling Routes in the U.S.

In terms of lasting health benefits, increasing daily energy, and improving overall happiness, cycling tops the list of cardiovascular activities. Unfortunately, not all of America’s infrastructure is prepared to handle a high volume of cyclists. Florida is the worst offender, with 6.56 cyclist deaths per… read more

Who is Liable for Youth Sports Injuries?

Kids get hurt when they play sports, but with youth sports getting more competitive, the injuries are getting more serious. In a 2013 study done by the Institute of Medicine, researchers found that concussion rates were actually higher in high school athletes than in college… read more

Filling Out a Driver’s Crash Report in Texas – How and Why It’s Done

If you’ve been in a car accident in Texas, you may need to fill out an accident report, also known as a Driver’s Crash Report. Texas law requires that if an accident results in death or injury to anyone, or if there was $1000 or… read more

Proper Maintenance of Your Tires and Brakes Can Keep You Safe on the Road

Mechanical failures account for nearly 13% of car accidents. Usually, the cause of this failure is due to vehicle owners neglecting to properly maintain their cars. At the top of the list for maintenance neglect are tire and brake problems. Far too often, owners wait… read more

How Over-the-Counter Medication Can Affect Your Driving

Because over-the-counter medications aren’t controlled by doctors, many of us think of them as harmless. However, many of these medications can impact your ability to drive and driving while on certain medications can even constitute as driving under the influence. Your pharmacist will most likely… read more

Youth Football Injuries and The Decline of Youth Sport Participation

In some Texas communities, high school football is more important than college or pro games. In fact, in the 2012 season, over one million high school athletes participated in football. With these large numbers of youth football participants come large numbers of injuries. The Center… read more

The Ten Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

The nature versus nurture argument isn’t limited to children. The debate continues with man’s best friend, and forces pet owners to ask: Are dogs vicious due to their nature or upbringing? Although upbringing is definitely a factor in aggressiveness, certain breeds are more predisposed to… read more

Announcing The Brian White National Academic Scholarship

We are proud to announce the Brian White National Academic Scholarship is now accepting submission. If you know a college undergraduate or a high school senior that is motivated to further their education have them submit a 400-600 word essay on the following topic: Should… read more

The Costs Associated with DWI

I recently took on a new case where one of my personal friends was injured by a drunk driver. We all see a lot of anti drunk driving campaigns out there and yet the number of people injured by drunk drivers is incredibly high. I… read more

Tradegy Strikes on the Trinity II

On September 7,  2011, as Tropical Storm Nate was quickly turning into Hurricane Nate, the captain of the Trinity II, located in the Bay of Campeche, requested for ships in the area to help evacuate his crew of 1o, with no answer or commitment to… read more

Actos Bladder Cancer Lawyer

The popular diabetes drug Actos has been connected to bladder cancer. Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Actos, knew that this drug had serious side effects but it never made that information public. As a result, lawsuits against Actos are now happening. Drug makers are responsible… read more

New Zealand Oil spill

There has been a new environmental disaster in New Zealand, where a ship was the cause of a leakage of  an impressive amount of oil into the ocean. This happened when the ship crashed with a reef on the coast of the country, dropping about… read more