C.R. England is a refrigerated trucking company based in Utah, but it does business throughout the United States and Mexico. This means there’s a chance you’ll encounter a C.R. England truck while on the road in Texas. The company also has maintenance and driving school locations in Texas, making its presence even more ubiquitous.

The company’s transport services focus on cargo that needs temperature control, such as perishable foods, plants, pharmaceuticals, and other sensitive materials. It can also transport goods that don’t need regulated temperatures, making C.R. England trucks capable of transporting a wide variety of cargo types.

The company has a great deal of experience, but its vehicles have been involved in several accidents within the past year. If you have been an in accident with a C.R. England commercial vehicle you need to seek appropriate legal help from a qualified Houston truck accident lawyer.

Potential Accidents

C.R. England does not transport hazardous materials or regularly handle more dangerous cargo, but this does not make its vehicles any less likely to be involved an accident. In fact, one of the greatest risks from its trucks comes not from the cargo, but from the level of service the company provides.

C.R. England is an international shipping company, so its drivers need to work across state lines and make lengthy deliveries. These over-the-road (OTR) type services can provide some of the most dangerous environments for truckers, especially because they receive payment based on the number of miles they drive.

To make more income, OTR drivers may drive in dangerous conditions, such as late at night or when they’ve had little sleep. Drowsy drivers in any type of vehicle pose a danger: In addition to poor focus due to lack of sleep, tired drivers have slower reaction times. This is a dangerous combination for a motorist in a passenger vehicle, and it’s even worse for drivers who are behind the wheel of a substantially larger commercial vehicle.

C.R. England’s wide range of transport abilities also places great demands on the company. The recent trucker shortages have put a strain on many firms, and C.R. England is no exception. Many companies have taken on more lenient hiring practices to combat the shortage of drivers capable of taking on deliveries.

This is a dangerous position to take, because underqualified and inexperienced drivers are at a substantially higher risk for accidents. These drivers may take greater risks due to lax training and inexperience. Drivers who are less familiar with such large vehicles can mishandle the truck and cause rollovers and crashes. C.R. England is liable for the damages when this lack of experience leads to an accident.

How to Handle Your Commercial Trucking Accident

You face an uphill battle when you’ve been involved in a commercial trucking accident. Commercial trucking companies often have lawyers behind them, especially established names like C.R. England. In addition, the company has been in business for nearly a century, meaning it has experience handling personal injury cases, including how to reduce the amount of compensation it pays.

You need your own attorney to even the playing field; someone who will fight as hard to get you the best compensation as the trucking company’s attorney will to deny you that right. You need the law firm of Attorney Brian White. Over the past decade, Attorney Brian White has been representing clients with a 99% success rate, and we want to do the same for you.

Our attorneys have the experience and the resources to take on big commercial trucking companies. When you need legal representation for your commercial trucking accident, contact Attorney Brian White for a free consultation to start your claim.

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