Hot Shot Trucking is a nationwide shipping company that handles deliveries all over the United States. It specializes in expedited deliveries, making deliveries in a short span of time, no matter how far the drive. While the modern world of delivery almost demands fast transport, expedited shipping creates a dangerous environment for all drivers on the road.

Possible Accidents

Some distinctions exist, but both “hot shot” and “expedited” trucking operations describe the idea of creating fast delivery times. In a world that seems to go too fast at times, it’s no surprise that Hot Shot Trucking has adopted this mentality to stay competitive and satisfy clients. However, the practice of expedited shipping comes with many risks.

The biggest risk is that the pressure of delivery deadlines can spur reckless driving habits. Truck drivers may end up speeding or cutting off other drivers in their quests to make it to delivery locations on time. This presents the same sorts of risks as the pressure to earn more money by covering more ground in a single day, namely that reckless driving increases the risk of accidents.

Commercial trucks are substantially larger than passenger vehicles, which means they require more careful handling. They require much more time to slow down and maneuver safely, and speeding can make it impossible for a trucker to respond appropriately to roadway hazards, resulting in collisions.

Reckless driving when approaching turns is also dangerous for large commercial trucks, especially those loaded with freight. Going too fast around a turn can cause cargo to shift in the hold, which can tip the entire truck’s center of gravity, leading to rollover accidents.

Hot Shot Trucking’s national range of deliveries also poses many of the same hazards. Deliveries that require covering large stretches of ground can encourage the same reckless driving habits to finish a job. Likewise, truckers who need to cover a large amount of ground may not take appropriate rest breaks, reducing their levels of alertness and reaction time, which are prime conditions for accidents.

When truck drivers aren’t operating at full capacity, they can cause any number of incidents, from collisions to rollovers to T-bone impacts. For a passenger vehicle, the level of damage can be substantial – as can the severity of any injuries suffered due to the impact. Some damages may be life-changing and bring a great deal of pain to the victims.

The Right Approach to Your Commercial Trucking Accident

Any sort of vehicle accident can become a complex and stressful legal matter, and that especially applies to incidents involving commercial vehicles. If an accident involving a Hot Shot Trucking vehicle injured you or a loved one, you may be wondering what you can do to receive proper compensation from such a large national company.

You will need the help of an experienced Houston truck crash attorney to handle your commercial trucking accident. Personal injury cases have strict statutes of limitations in Texas, and swift action is necessary to claim your right to compensation.

Your lawyer can help you start your case in the appropriate time frame, investigate the accident, and help you receive the appropriate level of compensation through court or settlement.

Attorney Brian White is that experienced law firm. White’s years working as a lawyer for large companies such as Hot Shot Trucking taught him how to counter attempts to deny victims their rightful damages. You can rest easy knowing you’ve got a law firm with a 99% success rate fighting for your case and never giving up, no matter the consequences.

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