Core Trucking Co., of Texas, provides several types of transport services for local and on-the-road deliveries, including intermodal transport.

The variety of different services mean Core Trucking Co., handles materials from multiple industries and delivers across the whole of Texas. An accident with one of these vehicles could lead to severe damages – and attorney Brian White can help you secure compensation.

Potential Accidents

All types of commercial trucks have the potential for ending up in a roadway incident. In general, the heavyweight and difficult maneuvering of large vehicles poses risks for even the most careful drivers, especially when traveling long distances. That same heavyweight makes for a dangerous collision if it runs into a smaller vehicle.

One type of Core Trucking Co.’s delivery service is LTL transport – or limited truckload. This refers to a truck with a delivery that does not take up the entirety of the cargo hold. In most cases of LTL, the trucker will make several stops, transporting cargo to separate locations for several clients within the drive.

This is a good business and environmental practice, but it does pose some hazards. Commercial trucks are always at risk for rollovers, especially if no one properly secures the cargo within the trailer.

Constant loading and unloading of materials increase the chance of a piece or several pieces of cargo becoming detached and sliding around the hold. When this occurs, the vehicle’s center of gravity may shift during a turn, causing a rollover accident.

Core Trucking Co. is also a hazmat-certified carrier, which means its trucks maybe hauling potentially dangerous cargo at any time. These types of materials require the utmost caution during transport, which is why trucking companies require certification to handle them in the first place.

Any type of hazardous material is especially dangerous in the event of an accident. Regular commercial vehicles present multiple threats in collisions, but hazmat commercial loads are even more dangerous and go beyond obstructing the roadway.

Some materials may be highly flammable, which can create a dangerous environment for anyone involved in or near an accident. Other materials may emit smoke or gasses, adding to potential health problems from any level of exposure. Because someone in a trucking accident may not be able to leave his or her vehicle, hazardous material spills could cause extensive damages.

Intermodal transport involves the delivery of shipment containers, often those that have come from ships. This cargo poses the same physical risks as accidents with other trucks, but they may have different legal consequences due to the ownership of the shipment, as well as the truck involved. These cases can quickly become complex legal matters, which is why you should always enlist the services of an attorney after an accident.

Proper Steps to Handling a Commercial Trucking Accident

If you or a loved one has been involved in a commercial trucking accident, you are likely experiencing a stressful situation. The accident may have caused extensive injuries and property damage, and many incidents like these can often have life-altering effects.

You need a personal injury attorney who will fight for your case and bring you the best amount of compensation possible to help you get your life back in order. You need the law firm of Attorney Brian White.

Our truck accident attorneys are well-versed in commercial trucking regulations and accidents, so we can help you find the best approach to your case. We’ve experienced what it’s like to face off in court against a large company like Core Trucking Co., of Texas, and we can bring that expertise to your case.

Don’t feel like you need to handle complex legal issues on your own. Let Houston personal injury attorney Brian White defend your rights, as the firm has successfully done for past clients. Contact us today.

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