Shark Trucking is a commercial trucking company based in Houston that provides services for port and local transport. It also has several trucks capable of handling oversize materials that require both length and weight accommodations. With transportation available for port needs, Shark Trucking adds another company of trucks to the already-busy Houston area, bringing along a risk for incidents.

Potential Accidents

Flatbed commercial trucks provide great flexibility for those who need to transport oversized cargo that can’t fit in other commercial vehicles. These trucks require drivers to have a lot of experience to best handle the unusual size and weight of those types of cargo, as well as the unwieldy sizes of the vehicles themselves.

Oversized flatbed trucks create a great risk for accidents because of their unusual sizes and amount of space taken up on the roads, even with skilled drivers behind the wheel. While many drivers know how to safely operate around an 18-wheeler, a much larger truck becomes an intimidating obstacle. Over-length services are one matter, while over-width services take up an even larger portion of the road, making it difficult for other drivers to safely navigate their paths.

Flatbed truck drivers also can’t rely on walls of a hold to keep cargo in place. Instead, drivers of these trucks must count on proper securing procedures to do so. No matter how well-fastened a piece of cargo, there’s always a chance something will cause the chain or strap to come loose. In some scenarios, a loosened strap may cause the truck’s center of gravity to tip, leading to a rollover accident.

Even worse is the potential for the cargo to detach from the flatbed and fall into the roadway. This cargo has the potential to create obstructions for drivers and collisions with vehicles, which is dangerous for any type of cargo, let alone oversized cargo pieces such as pipes and construction equipment.

Other types of commercial trucking accidents also carry the risk of injuring the driver, but accidents involving scattered cargo may leave the responsible truck completely unscathed. If such an accident were to occur on a Houston roadway, the resulting incidents could hurt many people, from those closest to the flatbed to those behind them in traffic.

Shark Trucking has also been involved in fraudulent truck inspections, showing a lack of concern for keeping its vehicles in full operational shape. This sort of neglect can create dangerous roadway conditions for everyone involved and is a violation of federal trucking regulations, making the company liable for any accidents that occur due to that lack of maintenance.

Getting the Compensation You Deserve for Your Commercial Trucking Accident

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to an accident with a Shark Trucking commercial vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation. The Houston truck accident lawyers at the firm of Attorney Brian White have the experience and success rate in court to get you the proper reimbursement for your damages, even against established trucking companies.

We will conduct a thorough investigation of your accident to determine liability, including a thorough look into the commercial trucking company’s federal and state regulation compliance paperwork. We recognize what serves as evidence of neglect of these regulations and will use it to obtain you the proper level of compensation you deserve. We pride ourselves on our compassionate and driven approach to our client’s cases, and you’ll receive no less.

The trucking company will have its own attorney fighting for it, so you should have the same. Attorney Brian White is that firm. Contact our offices for a free consultation of your case and take the first step to recovering from your injuries and getting your life back on track.

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