Keep an Eye Out for These 5 Christmas Decorating Hazards

Christmas is a time to spend with family, trim the tree, drink egg nog, and indulge in merriment until the New Year. More than 80% of Americans deck their halls as part of holiday celebrations. While Christmas can be a season unmatched in its joy, it’s also a season rife with accidents. ER visits spike… read more

These 10 Everyday Objects are More Dangerous Than You Think

We all have things that make us squirm; it’s spiders for some and the idea of being trapped in an elevator or falling off a cliff for others. While the likelihood of actually sustaining a deadly bite from a spider or plunging to our doom is fairly low, it’s still enough to make us shiver…. read more

Why You Should Ban a Selfie Stick at Your Business (And Others Who Have)

Sigmund Freud was among the first to posit that narcissism was an innate human trait, one that has allowed us to evolve into beings capable of higher reasoning. However, he also cautioned that if our narcissism levels become too high, they become a liability, both to ourselves and those around us. Though Freud is about… read more

Death by Narcissism? 10 Selfie Stick Accidents

Once hailed as a tourist prop, selfie sticks are gaining popularity despite their slightly absurd nature. Though these devices seem innocuous enough, the Huffington Post recently reported selfie sticks have killed more people than shark attacks in the past year (though both occurrences are fairly rare). Like cell phones, these cause accidents through distraction. But… read more

How To Spot A Car With Flood Damage

When it comes to cars, water can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, a gallon of the soapy stuff can keep your car’s exterior looking squeaky clean. Too much of it, however, can render a car worthless. If a vehicle suffers from flood damage, it’s typically reported to an insurance company, who compensates… read more

Counting Down 5 Texas Theme Park Mishaps

Theme parks are a wonderful destination for families and adrenaline junkies alike; with stomach-dropping roller coasters and kid-oriented rides, there is something for everyone. However, these attractions can also be hotbeds for injury.

Are You Prepared for a Flash Flood? Your Safety Checklist

Floods occur frequently and can come without warning. They are often hazardous, and therefore can be very costly for homeowners. The dangers associated with floods include contamination of water supply and sewage backup in your home. Follow this safety checklist to ensure you and your family stay safe in the event of a flash flood.

My Car has Been Recalled: What Should I Do?

In 2001, Ford recalled Explorers after they were deemed responsible for 200 deaths, and just this year, the U.S. Department of Transportation ordered a recall of over 33.8 million airbags after manufacturer Takata admitted they were defective.