Texas Landowners Part 1: Introduction to Premises Liability and Negligence Claims

If you own a rental property, a farm, a commercial property, or a home in Texas, you could encounter both general negligence and premises liability claims from those injured on your land. Understanding the difference between the two types of claims and your duties as… read more

Texas Landowners Part 2: Premises Liability Legal Statuses and Duty of Care

If someone suffers an injury on your land as the result of hazardous conditions, he or she may choose to file a premises liability claim. In these claims, the visitors would need to not only prove the hazardous condition caused the injury, but also that… read more

How New Technology Reduces 18-Wheeler Wrecks

Truck part defects, distractions/driver errors, and passenger vehicles can all contribute to big rig truck wrecks. Stricter regulations and public service announcements only go so far in making the roads safer. Today, new technology is stepping in to minimize crash risks associated with human error…. read more

Common Road Hazards and How to Avoid an Accident

Road hazards are unpredictable and difficult to detect until it is too late. Hundreds of accidents happen in Texas every year due to damaged and poorly maintained roads. Road hazards often result from improper upkeep from roadway crews and the government bodies in charge of… read more

Texas Amazon Flex Delivery Accidents

The rise of Uber and Lyft created options that consumers never had before. Hailing a cab and overpaying for it is no longer necessary. As the practice is becoming more popular and widespread, the ridesharing companies have fine tuned their business practices in an effort… read more

How Apps like Snapchat are Causing Dangerous Distracted Driving

Texas is a big state.  The vast highways throughout the state encourage long road trips to explore the state.  For decades, Texans have taken to the highways on vacation to explore every inch of the state – from Big Bend to Amarillo.  Unfortunately, the increasing… read more

Common Causes of Aircraft Accidents

Commercial jetliner accidents are exceedingly rare, and often dominate news headlines for weeks after the accident. The mystery of flight MH370 has haunted the general public and the relatives of the victims for years now, and no one has a firm conclusion as to what… read more

Preventing Burn Injuries: 5 Tips

Burns vary widely in scope – they are, at best, mild medical conditions, while at worst, they are life-threatening emergencies with permanently disabling consequences. Fire-related burn injuries are the most common in adults, however, chemicals and electricity also cause severe burns. In children, scalding is… read more

Can I Press Assault Charges if My Child Was Beat Up at School?

DISCLAIMER: The content in this blog post (“post”) is meant for general informational purposes only. Publication of this post does not insure that Attorney Brian White & Associates offers representation for this type of case. Information found in the post does not constitute as formal… read more

Is it Legal to Own a Pet Tiger in Texas?

Exotic pets are becoming increasingly popular. Looking for options beyond the classic cat and dog, Texans are seeking companionship from less likely sources: sugar gliders, ferrets, and exotic birds top the list of offbeat pets for owners. Some people look for even grander animals: tigers… read more

Why Hoverboards are Dangerous and the Lawsuits Surrounding Them

2015 was the year that Back to the Future 2 imagined us driving in flying cars and riding hoverboards around town. The filmmakers were half right: while we’ve yet to see cars go airborne, hoverboards were one of the hottest toys of the 2015 holiday… read more

Can a Parent Face Charges if His or Her Child is a Bully?

Sadly, bullying is a common problem. Most of us can remember being teased or harassed in school, but with the rise of the internet and cyberbullying, this topic has taken a serious turn. We more clearly understand the effects and causes of this behavior today,… read more

How to Recognize and Report Police Misconduct in Houston

We’re taught from a young age that police are supposed to protect us and our communities. We grow up respecting local officers, and many of us probably wanted to be one when we grew up. Unfortunately, the world we live in isn’t as protected or… read more

Keep an Eye Out for These 5 Christmas Decorating Hazards

Christmas is a time to spend with family, trim the tree, drink egg nog, and indulge in merriment until the New Year. More than 80% of Americans deck their halls as part of holiday celebrations. While Christmas can be a season unmatched in its joy,… read more

These 10 Everyday Objects are More Dangerous Than You Think

We all have things that make us squirm; it’s spiders for some and the idea of being trapped in an elevator or falling off a cliff for others. While the likelihood of actually sustaining a deadly bite from a spider or plunging to our doom… read more