Sigmund Freud was among the first to posit that narcissism was an innate human trait, one that has allowed us to evolve into beings capable of higher reasoning. However, he also cautioned that if our narcissism levels become too high, they become a liability, both to ourselves and those around us.

Though Freud is about as controversial in the psychology world as selfie sticks are in the business world, here his reasoning seems on point. Creepily, in fact, given the ubiquity of devices like selfie sticks and other contraptions dedicated to documenting our perceived self-worth.

Businesses the world over have had it with selfie sticks and are banning them in spades. If you run your own business, you may be wondering if you should, too. You’re certainly within your legal rights to, and it might be a wise idea. Banning the devices can protect you from potential liability suits if someone gets hurt on your property. This is likely why these large businesses are saying no to the stick, at least in part:

  1. Disney Parks

Disney theme parks globally announced they would no longer permit selfie devices. Last year, a roller coaster called California Screamin’ was shut down for an hour when a passenger whipped out the device before the main drop. Riders were left in the lurch until officials could figure out the chaos. Citing “health and safety concerns,” no one is permitted to bring them on park grounds. Since the announcement, other theme parks, like Six Flags and the Texas State Fair, have followed suit. 

  1. Museums

Cultural attractions like the Met and MoMa have 86ed the devices. Administrators cite the safety of the art as a concern, but it’s also to preserve an air of authenticity. It’s hard to take in Van Gogh’s Cypresses with a cellphone hovering in your periphery. For these reasons, museums all over the country are asking visitors to just leave the selfie stick at home. 

  1. The Kentucky Derby

Regarded as the bastion of southern civilization, Derby administrators officially banned the selfie stick from their grounds as a safety concern. Aside from being an eyesore in a sea of wide-brimmed hats, the devices have potential to cause injury when used in a crowd. If you’re worried about not being able to document your experience, have no fear: you’re still allowed to Instagram your mint julep. Better yet, try a safer selfie stick: your arm.

  1. Music Festivals and Concerts

If you’re tucking a selfie stick into your bag for your next big concert, think again: venues and festivals all over the country are banning them. It started with Lollapalooza and Coachella, and now others are following suit. Officials cite copyright concerns; they don’t want to be liable for illegal taping of band performances. As a side note, we also think it might be because drunk people and metal rods don’t mix.

  1. Sports Venues

Sporting events, like Wimbledon and soccer matches, are among the other locations banning the metal devices. While a Spurs fan complained that a selfie stick obstructed his view on Twitter, league officials say that sporting events are beginning to ban selfie sticks for a more insidious reason: their ability to be used as a weapon.

As large business all over the country shun selfie-taking devices, smaller companies are beginning to follow suit. Perhaps banning selfie sticks will encourage us to focus less of documenting our experiences and more on enjoying the view.

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