There is much confusion concerning license plate requirements around the U.S. One of the most important of these that several states, including Texas, enforce for their drivers is the appearance of a front license plate.

Is a Front License Plate Required in Texas?

The short and simple answer here is yes. Texas law requires drivers to have license plates in both the back and the front of their vehicles.

But in order to have both of these in the Lone Star State, registration is mandatory. You must visit the local county tax assessor collector’s office with certain documentation, including proof of insurance and vehicle ownership, such as your title or registration from a previous state. You must also provide evidence of a passed vehicle inspection.

Other Texas License Plate Requirements

Along with having both front and back license plates, Texas law denotes other requirements for vehicles, such as:

  • Registration Sticker: The registration sticker, which indicates when a vehicle’s license plate expires, must be affixed to the inside of its windshield. 
  • Visible License Plates: Both front and back license plates must be visible at all times, unobstructed by any frame, cover, or other object.

Understanding Texas license plate laws can help ensure you remain compliant and avoid unnecessary penalties.

Why Have Front and Back License Plates?

Having to get two license plates may seem like an inconvenience, but they serve important functions. Two plates help maintain order on hectic Texas roads and safety in the community. 

Additionally, having license plates on both sides of a vehicle makes it easier for law enforcement officers, who must often identify cars with their license plate numbers during traffic stops and criminal investigations. With two license plates, cops can more easily obtain and run plate numbers.

Penalties For Driving Without a Front License Plate in Texas

Having valid license plates in the front and the back of your vehicle is critical in Texas, as riding without one or either plate can result in a $200 fine. In addition, you may also face penalties if your license plate has a frame around it that covers the word “Texas” or any other plate information. 

However, you may have your fine dismissed if you provide proof of prompt plate installation and pay a minimal reimbursement fee.

Exceptions To Texas Front License Plate Requirements

While all cars must have both front and back license plates, there are some exceptions in Texas. Certain vehicles, including motorcycles and commercial vehicles, like semi-trailers, are not required to have license plates on both sides and must only display a rear license plate instead.

License Plates and Auto Accidents in Texas

Lastly, having two license plates on either side of a vehicle is helpful under several circumstances, including in the event of an accident. If you’re involved in a car crash, you can identify the other vehicle easily, regardless of whether the vehicle crash is a rear-end or head-on.

Hit-and-run accidents are an issue in Texas as well. And unfortunately, when a vehicle only has one license plate in front, it can be more difficult to get a plate number to provide to law enforcement as the car speeds off. 

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