The Houston Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in the area. Locals and tourists alike come to see wild animals, learn about them, and sometimes even have more hands-on experiences with them. While this can be a fun day, some of these instances can turn tragic. 

Over the last quarter century, 256 people have been injured by animal attacks in the zoo. 33 people died from these injuries. This doesn’t even count the many other slips, falls, and other general types of accidents people encounter every day across the nation’s zoos. Knowing what to do next can help protect your health and legal rights if you were injured at the Houston Zoo

Common Causes of Zoo Injuries 

Some of the leading reasons why someone may be injured at the zoo include:

  • Bites and attacks when an animal gets loose
  • An animal mauling a child when it falls into an animal enclosure
  • Slips and falls on wet surfaces
  • Physical assaults from other visitors or staff
  • Stomping injuries in crowds
  • Defective equipment, such as zoo rides or encounter enclosures
  • Attacks by visitors due to negligent security

These accidents can lead to serious injuries or even death

Common Injuries at the Zoo 

Visitors at the zoo may suffer from various types of injuries, including:

The zoo or another party might be responsible for these types of injuries. 

Make a Report

Immediately, report the incident to authorities at the zoo. You can ask the closest zookeeper or other zoo staff member about where you make such a report. If they don’t know, ask to speak to a manager. Taking this step can help document the incident. 

Making a report can also put the zoo on alert in case there is a loose animal or another hazard that could endanger others. 

Write down the name of the staff member. If you fill out a written report, ask for a copy of it. If the accident involved criminal activity, call the police to report the incident. 

Gather the Information 

If possible, take a few moments to document the scene and gather information about the factors that might affect your legal claim. Ask the zookeeper for medical records regarding the animal and any vaccines or medical records. Your treating doctors may need this information. 

Ask any witnesses for their names and contact information. Use your cell phone to take pictures of the factors that could have contributed to your injury, such as a broken or missing barrier. Write down the date and location of the incident, or use your notes or voice memo tool to record this information. Your quick thinking can help secure relevant evidence and support your claim.

Seek Medical Attention 

If you were not taken immediately to the emergency room for treatment, seek medical attention promptly after you leave the zoo. Even if you don’t think your injuries are that bad, you could be suffering internal injuries or from infections you don’t know about. A thorough medical check-up can help ensure your conditions are properly diagnosed and treated. Keep all of your medical records.

Call An Experienced Lawyer for Help After Being Injured at the Houston Zoo

You might be confused about your legal rights and options. Zoos are not necessarily responsible for all injuries that occur on their property. An experienced personal injury attorney can investigate your accident, determine how it happened, and identify who is financially responsible for your injuries. 

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