Houston Negligent Security Lawyer

Houston Negligent Security Lawyer

If you’ve been injured because a business in Houston had inadequate security measures in place, you could be entitled to compensation.

Contact Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers to find out how our premises liability lawyers in Houston might be able to help you fight for the money you need and deserve. We’re ready to put 45 years of collective experience to work for you.

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Why Should I Call Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers If I’ve Been Injured in Houston?

Businesses have to take certain precautions to keep clients, customers, and guests safe. In some cases, this might involve implementing security measures to put a stop to violence or criminal activity before it can start. However, sometimes business owners cut corners and skimp on security to save costs. If a business prioritizes money over guest safety and someone gets hurt, the owner could be on the hook for resulting damages.

However, businesses, property owners, and insurance companies won’t just stand up and accept responsibility for your injuries. They’ll fight you every step of the way. They’ll probably even try to blame you for getting hurt. In order to get cash in your hands, you’ll need to be aggressive and forceful in your demands for compensation.

You’ve got enough going on right now as you work on recovering and getting back on your feet. So, this is where a lawyer can really help. At Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers our attorneys know how important your pursuit of compensation is. We know how much is riding on your injury claim. We also know how to help you win and secure a substantial award.

For decades, we’ve been going toe-to-toe with the most powerful companies, businesses, and insurance providers in Texas. And, thanks to our relentless efforts and passionate advocacy, we’ve helped our clients recover life-changing settlements and awards. We’re tough negotiators who aren’t afraid of a showdown in court. We’re ready to enlist whatever time, legal manpower, and financial resources are necessary to get the job done.

To get started, all you have to do is reach out to our team to arrange a free initial case evaluation. It’s that easy.

What is Negligent Security?

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Negligent security falls under the umbrella of premises liability. Premises liability is an area of law where owners and businesses can be held financially responsible for injuries that occur on their property. Liability exists when the owner (or business) is negligent and, in turn, someone gets hurt. 

Negligent security refers to injuries that are a consequence of an owner’s inadequate security measures. 

When Does An Owner Have to Install Security Measures?

Property owners and businesses in Houston, TX don’t always have to have security measures in place. Security is only really necessary when an owner knows (or should know) that there’s a reasonably foreseeable threat of third-party violence or criminal activity. With this knowledge in hand, the owner has to take reasonable and proportionate steps to protect guests, customers, and visitors from harm.

When is Violence or Criminal Activity Foreseeable?

Whether or not violence or criminal activity is “reasonably foreseeable” is kind of subjective. It really depends and can vary. Some things that might suggest that criminal activity or violence is foreseeable includes:

  • Crime is common or on the rise in the neighborhood or area 
  • Violent crime has occurred at or nearby before, especially on more than one occasion
  • The business is one that is likely to be targeted by criminals (e.g., pawnshops, high-end stores, banks), or
  • The business is one that is likely to see unruly behavior or violence (e.g., bars, nightclubs, sporting arenas).

Generally speaking, if an owner or business is aware of crime in the area or knows that there’s a likelihood of third party violence or assaults, they should implement reasonable security measures.

What Kind of Security Measures Are Necessary?

Property owners simply have to implement security measures that are proportionate to the threat of violence or crime. So, the kind of security that’s needed really depends on the type of threat they’re trying to neutralize and how serious that threat is. Security measures that might be helpful could include:

  • Floodlights in parking lots, alleys, or dark corners of a property
  • Security cameras installed near entrances, exits, and hard-to-see areas of the property
  • Hiring security guards to monitor and/or control who can enter and exit the premises
  • Training employees how to monitor for and neutralize suspicious activity
  • Installing metal detectors at entrances, and
  • Making sure that all doors have functioning locks and deadbolts.

If there’s a way to keep guests and visitors safe from a threat, owners should implement it. Failing to take reasonable measures to protect against known or perceived threats can result in liability if someone gets hurt.

Who Can I File a Negligent Security Lawsuit Against in Houston?

Under Texas state law, anyone who contributes to an injury can be financially responsible for the consequences.

If you’ve been harmed as a result of a property owner’s negligent security measures, you can fight to hold them accountable. What businesses or property owners could potentially be named in a negligent security lawsuit? Some examples include the owners of:

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Clubs
  • Music, sport, and entertainment venues
  • Retail stores
  • Hotels
  • Apartment complexes
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Schools
  • Office complexes
  • Parking lots
  • Parking garages, and
  • Government buildings.

Note that claims involving the government tend to be quite complex. Government agencies and workers are typically immune from liability in personal injury matters. However, there are exceptions to the rule. If your case involves a government agency or worker, it’s important to speak with an attorney right away. Call Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers to learn more.

What Damages Are Available in Houston Negligent Security Cases?

Anytime you suffer an unexpected and avoidable injury, the consequences can be overwhelming. They can be physically exhausting, emotionally devastating, and financially catastrophic. Fortunately, compensation might be available if your injuries are a consequence of negligent security measures.

Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers will work tirelessly to hold negligent property owners fully accountable for your injuries and suffering. We’ll pursue all available damages under the law, which might include money for:

  • Present and future medical bills
  • Rehabilitation
  • Lost wages
  • Disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Disfigurement
  • Emotional distress, and more.

Has a family member died because of a Houston business’s inadequate security measures? If so, don’t hesitate to call our compassionate wrongful death lawyers. While money won’t bring your loved one back, it can provide stability and support for years to come.

How Long Do I Have to File a Negligent Security Claim in Houston?

How Long Do I Have to File a Negligent Security Claim in Houston?

Do not wait too long to assert your rights and demand compensation from a negligent property owner in Texas. State law restricts the amount of time you’ll have to file a claim for damages. Typically, the statute of limitations is two years from the date of injury.

While there are exceptions to this rule, they are few and far between. If you wait too long and miss the applicable deadline, you will lose the right to recover any money at all. So, do not hesitate to call Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers for immediate assistance. We can get to work on your case right away.

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