Cars do not typically hit homes. Instead, car crashes usually involve motor vehicles and other stationary objects. However, there are personal injury cases involving a car hitting a house.

Unfortunately, people inside the house can sustain injuries in addition to the people in the vehicle. Also, a car hitting a house can cause substantial property damage. In some cases, a car accident could result in a fatality

A Houston personal injury lawyer can help you if your house is damaged by a car accident. Filing a personal injury claim against the driver and other at-fault parties can get you the money you need to repair your home, pay your bills, and get back to your ordinary routines. 

Reasons Why Cars Crash Into Homes in Houston, TX

It is much more common for a car to hit another vehicle, a bicycle, a pedestrian, a tree, or other stationary objects than a house. However, there are cases of cars hitting homes. Common reasons why cars crash into homes in Houston include:

Regardless of why a car crashes into your home, you deserve compensation for your damages. You are not to blame for causing the wreck. However, the insurance company might not be willing to settle for a fair amount.

Who Is Liable if a Car Crashes Into My House?

The party who caused the accident is liable for the damages under Texas tort laws. Texas drivers must have a minimum amount of liability coverage for car accidents. 

Unfortunately, a car hitting your home will likely cause significant property damage. Furthermore, you could be entitled to compensation for other damages if you were injured in the crash.

Therefore, it is crucial to identify all parties who contributed to the cause of the crash. Each party responsible for the crash could be liable for damages. 

A Houston car accident lawyer investigates the crash to gather evidence proving fault and identifying each responsible party. By identifying all parties who could be liable for your damages, the attorney can increase the chance you recover maximum compensation for your damages. 

Seeking Compensation After a Car Hits Your Home

You can receive economic damages from the driver and other parties responsible for the crash. Economic damages can include:

You can also receive compensation for your non-economic damages. These damages include emotional distress, loss of quality of life, permanent impairments, pain, and suffering. In addition, if a family member died, your family could be entitled to damages under Texas wrongful death laws.

If the person’s car insurance policy does not cover the damages caused by the wreck, your homeowner’s insurance policy might cover the damage under a hazard insurance clause. Have an attorney review your policy to determine if it covers losses, such as a car hitting your home. 

What Should You Do if a Car Hits Your Home in Houston?

Call 911 to report that a car hit your home. Ask for the police to come to your home to make a report. Also, request emergency medical services if anyone is injured.

Having an official report by the police will help with insurance claims. Ask anyone who saw the accident for their names and contact information. Make notes about neighbors with surveillance cameras that might have captured the collision.

If possible, take photographs and make a video of the vehicle and your home immediately after the crash. It is important to document the damage with evidence. Showing how the vehicle sits against (or inside) your home can help you prove your case.

Keep copies of all documents related to the accident. Keeping copies of bills, statements, and receipts for all expenses is crucial. For example, if you must stay in a hotel until your home is livable, keep copies of the hotel bills and proof of payment. 

It is also beneficial to call a Houston personal injury attorney about your claim as soon as possible. 

A Houston Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Multiple parties could be involved in your case, including multiple insurance companies. Each of the parties will try to shift blame to avoid liability. Having an attorney handle your case from the beginning can avoid mistakes that could hurt your case. 

Do not delay calling an attorney. There are time limits for filing claims. If you do not file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires, you lose the right to pursue a claim in court. 

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