T-Bone accidents are a dangerous type of car accident and involve one vehicle’s front end colliding with another vehicle’s side (thus forming a “T” shape). Also known as side-impact accidents, T-Bone accidents can lead to a wide variety of injuries to drivers and passengers. To those sitting on the side of the vehicle that is struck, injuries can be severe or even fatal

If you or a loved one is injured in a T-Bone accident in Houston, Texas, you might deserve financial compensation from the driver responsible for the accident. If the other driver was at fault, their insurance company can be required to pay for your damages due to the accident. A Houston car accident lawyer can help you fight for fair compensation for your injuries. 

How Does a T-Bone Accident Happen? 

Most often, a T-Bone accident happens because a driver was negligent and failed to use proper caution on the roadway or intersection

Some frequent causes of T-Bone crashes include: 

  • Drunk driving. Any level of impairment by alcohol can affect a driver’s judgment and lead to an accident. 
  • Distracted driving. If a driver is using their cell phone or other device, eating food and drinks while driving, or otherwise not paying attention to the road, their distractions can cause a crash. 
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or certain prescriptions. Driving after using marijuana or other narcotics can lead to impairment. Even a prescribed medication can lead to accidents, meanwhile, if they were not intended to be used while operating a motor vehicle. 
  • Running red lights or disobeying traffic signs. A driver that fails to follow traffic signals or rules of the road can cause a T-Bone crash as a result. 

What Injuries Are Common After a T-Bone Accident? 

Any number of injuries can be caused by a T-Bone accident. Sadly, fatalities are among the list of potential results. T-Bone accidents account for about 22% of car crash deaths yearly due to their severe nature. 

Other injuries related to T-Bone accidents can include: 

  • Whiplash. Whiplash involves a forceful back-and-forth motion of the neck. This can lead to temporary pain and long-term neck pain, along with other potential complications.
  • Concussion. When the head is stricken, bumped, or jolted, the brain can bounce or twist within the skull. Concussions are a type of traumatic brain injury that must be taken seriously and can have long-term effects. Anyone with symptoms of a concussion after an accident should seek immediate medical treatment. 
  • Broken bones. The impact of a T-bone crash can cause broken bones, including breaks to the arms, legs, neck, pelvis, clavicle, and skull. 
  • Spinal cord injuries. The spinal cord is responsible for sending and receiving signals between the brain and the body. When the spinal cord is injured in an accident, serious and long-lasting injuries can result. 
  • Tissue injuries. Soft tissues, including ligaments, tendons, and muscles, can be easily damaged in a broadside collision. Such injuries can require medical treatment and long-term therapy. 
  • Paralysis. One of the most severe injuries from a T-Bone accident can be paralysis due to spinal cord injury. Paralysis will have long-lasting consequences for a car accident victim that require fair compensation. 
  • Organ damage. The sudden impact of a T-bone accident can lead to internal tears and perforations of the body’s organs and intestinal tract. 

These are examples of some of the serious injuries caused by T-Bone accidents in Texas. If a person is injured in a T-Bone accident caused by someone else, it is critical to pursue financial compensation through a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

What Help Can You Get if You’re Injured in a T-Bone Accident

An experienced car accident lawyer can help move your claim forward and obtain full and fair payment for your injuries. 

As part of your claim, the lawyer can: 

  • Investigate the facts of your case and identify the at-fault driver
  • Negotiate with the at-fault driver’s insurance company
  • File a personal injury lawsuit to pursue damages due to the T-Bone accident
  • Protect your legal rights and handle your case from start to finish. 

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