Houston traffic can get pretty bad, and it’s hard to avoid the occasional fender bender. Car accidents happen to everyone at some point, and it’s a relief when the damage is minor. 

When you’re caught in a minor car accident in Houston, TX, it can be tempting for both drivers to agree that the damage isn’t worth reporting. Unfortunately, this can be a big mistake. Here’s why it’s always best to call the Houston police after an accident, even when the damage is minimal. 

Don’t Make This Common Mistake After a Fender Bender

Calling the cops after a minor accident can feel like a hassle or even a mistake. After all, when you call the cops, an official report gets filed with your insurance company. You risk paying a higher insurance premium for years to come, even if the accident wasn’t your fault. 

Police can also take a while to arrive at the scene, and it can take even longer to collect statements and write up the report. Opting for the out-of-pocket cost of minor repairs can seem far more appealing than dealing with the wait times and insurance consequences. 

This is a common mentality after a fender bender. Unfortunately, the consequences of not calling the cops can be much worse. 

Protecting Yourself after a Houston Fender Bender

When you involve the Houston police after a car accident, you establish official documentation of the accident. 

This includes important information like: 

  • The time and date of the accident
  • Which driver was at fault
  • The extent of vehicle or property damage
  • The extent of injuries

A crash report is a vital piece of evidence for insurance claims and lawsuits. When you don’t ask the police to document these facts at the time of the accident, what actually happened becomes a matter of your word against the other driver. 

Moving along with your day can seem like the practical response when a fender bender results in minor damage and no injuries. Unfortunately, this choice leaves you unprotected in a few different ways. 

Trusting a Stranger Can Be a Mistake

Unfortunately, some people take advantage of other people’s trust. But there’s no official account of what happened when you don’t call the police after a Houston fender bender. 

With no official report on record, you run the risk of the other driver claiming that the accident caused damages or injuries far beyond what actually occurred. An at-fault driver can report the accident and claim that you were the driver at fault. You can even face legal charges like leaving the scene of an accident. 

Another driver may seem friendly and trustworthy, but it can be a big mistake to place trust in a stranger when the stakes are high.  

Fender Benders Can Cause Unforeseen Complications

Even if the other driver doesn’t take advantage of the situation, involving the police offers protection against unforeseen complications. 

Even a small accident can create big issues. You may begin to experience problems with your vehicle. For example, a fender bender can result in issues with your alignment, transmission, electrical system, and other functions. It might take days or weeks of driving before you begin to notice these problems, but they can lead to high repair bills. 

Another serious concern is whiplash. You can’t always feel car accident injuries immediately, but they can lead to long-term problems like chronic pain and the need for surgery. When you establish the accident as the source of an injury, you’re eligible to receive compensation through an insurance claim or a lawsuit.  

Car accident lawyers see all too many clients dealing with major consequences after a minor accident went unreported. Failing to call the cops after a Houston fender bender leaves you legally unprotected and potentially facing life-altering consequences. 

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