Texas is a large state with large highways. Travel any one of these highways, and you are bound to see large commercial trucks traveling to and from large metropolitan areas like Dallas and Houston. You might assume that because there are so many trucks on the road, Texas has many truck accidents, but statistics may not bear this out.

Knowing facts about Texas truck accidents is important to stay safe on Texas roads and highways. Coming across large commercial trucks is inevitable. However, if you know the facts about how frequently these accidents occur, you can take more informed precautionary measures to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Texas Fatal Truck Crashes By the Numbers

The Texas Department of Transportation reported a total of 413 traffic crashes in 2020 that resulted in at least one person’s death. This was out of a total of 22,226 wrecks that year that involved a tractor-trailer or semi-truck. Overall, fatal truck crashes accounted for just under two percent of all collisions involving these large vehicles in the state.

Of the 413 fatal accidents, 284 of them occurred in rural areas. Only 129 of these accidents happened in urban areas. This difference makes some sense, given that the speed limits on highways in rural areas of the state are often higher than those in urban areas. 

While any crash with a semi-truck can be devastating, these vehicles become even more destructive the faster they are traveling at the time of impact.

Injury Accidents Are More Common in Rural Areas

The Department of Transportation’s information also looks at other types of truck crashes in the Lone Star State. Further supporting the idea that the faster a truck is traveling, the more harm it inflicts, statistics show that more serious injuries and minor injury crashes are reported in rural areas than urban areas.

For example, in 2020, the Department reported 699 semi-truck crashes that resulted in serious injury to at least one person. Nearly two-thirds of these crashes, 432 in total, happened in rural areas of the state. Only 267 of them occurred in an urban area.

Similarly, there were 1,987 truck wrecks believed to have left participants with minor injuries. A total of 1,013 crashes happened in rural areas compared to 974 in urban areas.

More Wrecks With Unknown Injuries or No Injuries Happen in Urban Settings

When one considers semi-truck accidents that are not known to have resulted in any injuries, the numbers flip and favor urban settings. In 2020, there were 2,853 semi-truck accidents where it is unknown if anyone was injured. In an urban setting, 1,821 of these accidents occurred, compared to 1,032 in a rural setting.

Again, in commercial truck accidents that did not result in any reported injuries, 9,426 out of a total of 16,074 occurred in an urban setting. The remaining 6,648 happened in rural environments.

Common Causes of Texas Truck Accidents

No matter whether they occur in urban or rural settings, most truck accidents where the truck driver is to blame are caused by:

Unfortunately for Texas drivers, it does not matter who is at fault when it comes to knowing who will be more severely hurt. Motorcyclists and occupants of passenger cars are far more likely to be seriously injured in a wreck than truck drivers.

Safely Driving on Texas Roads and Highways

It is no surprise that truck accidents happen in Texas in both rural and urban settings. Drivers should exercise care at all times, especially when traveling in less-populated areas of the state where the speed limit is higher. Remaining alert when driving alongside or passing these vehicles can also help reduce the chance of an accident.

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