Truck Accidents

What to Do After a Rollover Truck Accident in Houston, TX

All truck accidents are dangerous for the truck driver and other vehicle drivers involved, but rollovers can cause some of the most extensive damage. While these accidents can be devastating, taking the appropriate steps in the aftermath can help improve your chances of receiving your rightful compensation. If you were involved in a rollover accident… read more

Common Types of Truck Accidents in Houston, TX

Truck accidents occur for many different reasons. Some trucking companies neglect to maintain their vehicles and avoid proper government safety regulations. Drivers also can be responsible if they do not adhere to proper safety laws while driving or if they do not get adequate rest and drive while drowsy. Regardless of liability, trucks and other… read more

Handling a Jackknife Truck Accident in Houston: Everything You Need to Know

Truck drivers are all aware of the dangers of jackknifing and the likelihood of them occurring. However, this doesn’t mean that they know or understand what to do in the event of an accident. Proper knowledge and training for this type of accident ensure that drivers maintain maximum safety for themselves and others while handling… read more

How to Avoid Semi-Truck Blind Spots

Most vehicles have blind spots – breaks in a driver’s field of vision that keep him or her from seeing surrounding vehicles. In consumer vehicles, drivers can often adjust for the blind spot with a quick physical shift or visual aids such as extra mirrors. As the size of a vehicle increases, so does the… read more

How New Technology Reduces 18-Wheeler Wrecks

Truck part defects, distractions/driver errors, and passenger vehicles can all contribute to big rig truck wrecks. Stricter regulations and public service announcements only go so far in making the roads safer. Today, new technology is stepping in to minimize crash risks associated with human error. Driverless 18-wheelers are still a few years away, but these… read more

Texas Amazon Flex Delivery Accidents

The rise of Uber and Lyft created options that consumers never had before. Hailing a cab and overpaying for it is no longer necessary. As the practice is becoming more popular and widespread, the ridesharing companies have fine tuned their business practices in an effort to make things more safe for driver and passenger alike…. read more

Who Is At Fault In Big Rig Accidents?

Truck accidents can be catastrophic. Victims who sustain injuries can face long-term consequences. Commercial trucks are heavier than personal cars and trucks, and they often carry hazardous materials. According to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there were nearly 3,500 fatal truck accidents in 2014 alone. Because they have the potential to be… read more

What Size Fire Extinguisher Do I Need for My Truck?

Commercial vehicle operators work long hours and provide an invaluable service in transporting our goods across the country. Some truckers haul more dangerous materials than others, receiving a hazardous designation from the department of transportation. These individuals are beholden to stricter rules, including emergency equipment requirements. So just what is required of truckers transporting dangerous… read more

How Dangerous are Lifted Trucks? What are the Lift Laws in Texas?

Here in Texas, everything is bigger. We like our steaks rare and our trucks big. Some people take this philosophy to the extreme, installing lifts that would rival the monster trucks we see in the arena. What are Texas lift laws, and do these “monster trucks” present a health hazard to other drivers on the… read more

Filling Out a Driver’s Crash Report in Texas – How and Why It’s Done

If you’ve been in a car accident in Texas, you may need to fill out an accident report, also known as a Driver’s Crash Report. Texas law requires that if an accident results in death or injury to anyone, or if there was $1000 or more worth of damage, a report must be filled out… read more