Drowning is a much greater danger than most people realize. Every year, approximately 4,000 people drown in the United States unintentionally, and almost twice that number nearly drown, being saved before death.

These numbers are magnified in the state of Texas, where approximately 1.44 deaths occur per 100,000 people. In other words, Texas accounts for more than 10% of the drownings in the United States despite having less than 10% of the population.

With drowning presenting that type of danger, it’s in your best interests to follow whatever steps are necessary to ensure your swimming pool is as safe as possible. To that end, the following five tips will help you avoid being liable for drowning or another type of premises liability claim due to your residential swimming pool.

1. Fence Off the Swimming Pool

When the weather is scorching, a dip in the pool is a great way to beat the heat. However, not everybody has one, and some people might see your pool as an opportunity to cool off, even if not invited.

Placing a fence around your swimming pool can help prevent people from taking a swim while you aren’t around. Unapproved use is less likely to be safe, and there is a higher-than-normal chance that someone sneaking into your pool might drown without anyone around to help.

2. Clean the Deck Regularly

Whenever people get in and out of your swimming pool, they are likely to track water from the pool onto the deck. While these puddles are normal, that doesn’t mean they are safe. People can easily slip on a puddle, causing them to fall (back) into the pool, hitting their heads, and drowning, all without a single person noticing.

By regularly cleaning the deck while it is in use — keeping it dry above all else — you create a safer environment. If others in your family use the pool while you aren’t around, teach them to clean the deck as well.

3. Supervise All Swim Use

No one should ever swim alone. If you want to spend a few hours splashing around, make sure that there is at least one other person who isn’t in the pool observing you. The same goes for your kids or friends you invite to use your pool. In cases where everybody is using the pool at the same time, ensure that everyone has someone keeping an eye on them while in the water.

4. Keep the Water Clean

Drowning isn’t the only concern with a swimming pool; they are also vectors for disease, as bacteria thrive in water. If the water has decaying leaves or other debris in it, people using the pool could easily get sick.

In response, you should use a filtration system with good circulation to maintain proper levels of chlorine and other chemicals. Don’t let anyone enter the pool if they are sick, and if someone urinates or defecates in the pool, get everyone out to give it a thorough cleaning immediately.

5. Keep Electronics Far From the Pool

If you have any sort of electronics near the pool, they can easily get wet, electrocuting someone. That applies both to electronics you might have in your yard and the ones people bring with them. Tell everyone to leave their smartphones in the house before jumping into the pool.

Protecting Others Using Your Swimming Pool Protects You As Well

When others use your swimming pool, you are responsible for their safety. If you don’t take appropriate steps to ensure safety in and around your swimming pool, you could be the target of a personal injury lawsuit when someone gets hurt. 

By following the tips listed above, you can decrease the likelihood that anyone gets hurt and increase the chances that everyone involved enjoys a refreshing and relaxing dip.

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