Personal Injury

What is a Tort Claim in Texas?

A tort is an act or omission that harms or injures another person. In other words, another person causes you to sustain an injury or other harm because of their actions.  Torts are generally based on negligence claims, but they could arise from intentional acts or strict liability. Claims are causes of action against other… read more

What Does Bar Stand for in the Bar Exam or Bar Association?

Non-lawyers often ask what the “bar” stands for. The bar derives from the setup of a courtroom. A rail separates observers from the lawyers, parties, jurors, and judge. When law school graduates become eligible to practice law, the court allows them to cross the rail from the gallery into the courtroom. But the bar refers… read more

Suing for Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress in Texas

Being in an accident can cause a person to experience intense emotional distress, even if the person only sustains minor injuries or no injuries at all. Texas personal injury laws permit accident victims to seek compensation for emotional distress. Accident victims may seek damages for negligent or intentional infliction of emotional distress. What is Emotional… read more

What Are the 3 Elements of Standing to Sue?

When you are injured in an accident due to another party’s negligence, you may assume you have the right to file a lawsuit against that person. However, while you might be able to file a lawsuit, the court may dismiss the case if you lack standing. Standing is a legal concept addressed in the United… read more

What is an Ambulance Chaser? 

“Ambulance chaser” is a phrase that’s commonly heard in reference to personal injury cases. While it’s usually applied to the attorney on the case, the stereotype more accurately describes another involved party: the case runner. Case runners are individuals hired by unethical attorneys who are on the hunt for new clients. These runners are not… read more

Basic Personal Injury Settlement Breakdown: How Much Goes in My Pocket?

When you have a personal injury claim, you likely want to know how much money you will receive when your case settles when you have a personal injury claim. Certain items will get deducted from the gross settlement amount.  It could help to get an answer to the question, “how much goes in my pocket?”… read more

Breaking Down Attorney-Client Privilege: What it Means and How it Can Affect Your Case

When you meet with a personal injury attorney to discuss your case, you may disclose sensitive personal information. However, as your case progresses, you may want to ensure that the discussions between you and your lawyer are confidential.  Attorney-client privilege can give you peace of mind. It can also give you confidence that the discussions… read more

Understanding Assumption of Risk in Texas

When you’re injured, you may be able to pursue compensation by filing a claim to collect from the insurance of a negligent party. However, you don’t always have grounds to file a claim or lawsuit simply because you were injured. Many factors influence whether you can recover compensation. For example, if you were injured while… read more

Injuries to the C2 Vertebrae: The Hangman’s Fracture

Cervical fractures are serious accident injuries. The vertebrae (bones) in the neck can fracture or break during a slip and fall accident, car crash, workplace accident, or other personal injuries. In severe cases, a fractured cervical vertebrae can result in a spinal cord injury.  What is a Hangman’s Fracture? A hangman’s fracture is a term… read more

What Happens If My Insurance Claim Wasn’t Enough to Cover the Costs of My Injuries?

After you suffer injuries in an accident, you will likely have to deal with the insurer for the person or business that caused your injury. Insurance claims can usually be resolved faster than a lawsuit can. An insurance settlement after a car accident, medical error, or slip and fall accident can put money in your… read more