Personal Injury

Texting and Driving Laws in Houston

As of September 1, 2017, texting behind the wheel is illegal in Texas. Specifically, the law states that drivers may not read, write, or send electronic messages while driving. This new law comes on the heels of a staggering number of distracted driving-related accidents in Texas during the previous year. In 2016, there were 109,658… read more

Why Drivers Need to Be More Alert During the Holidays

The holiday season is approaching quickly, and it’s crucial for all drivers to know the inherent risks of holiday travel. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate a sharp spike in the number of crashes, injuries, and fatalities during the holiday months. The… read more

Houston Takes Steps Toward Improving Dangerous Bike Intersections

While bicycling offers many benefits, it’s not without risks. In car accidents, a bicyclist has much less protection than those inside the car – which can lead to devastating injuries. On Bike to Work Day in May 2018, Mayor Turner instructed BikeHouston to work with the city to improve bicyclist safety. This was in response… read more

Water Activities in Texas That Lead to Maritime Accidents

Attorney Brian White practices personal injury law exclusively, so clients benefit from specialized experience where they need it. He is one of only 3% of attorneys who are board-certified in personal injury law. His experience and willingness to aggressively pursue fair compensation for each of his clients has earned him a reputation for success. The… read more

Suing For Emotional Distress After an Accident in Texas

If a recent accident due to another person’s negligence left you injured, you may be able to collect compensation for the full extent of your injuries. Personal injury claims consider many types of injuries aside from the physical. The emotional aspects of an accident can be just as damaging to your psyche as physical injuries… read more

What is an Assumption of Risk?

Dangerous activities are worth the risk to some people. Unfortunately, accepting or assuming certain foreseeable risks can take away your chance to pursue recovery should an accident occur. In legal terms, “assumption of risk” typically refers to a person’s intentional willingness to participate in an activity that could be dangerous, such as skydiving or going… read more

What To Do If You Suspect You Have a Head Injury

Head and brain injuries are silent killers. Traumatic brain injuries from accidents like car crashes and slip and falls contribute to 30% of all injury-related deaths in the United States. There is currently no cure for injuries such as swelling or bleeding in the brain. If the victim survives, he or she can suffer temporary… read more

What Is a Letter of Protection?

When an accident happens, getting the victim compensation for medical care can take time. This may put the person in a bind if he or she lacks his or her own coverage or the funds to pay for care. In this instance, the health care provider, Houston injury lawyer, and victim can create a contract… read more

How Do Texas Calculates Pain And Suffering Payments?

If someone asked you to put a dollar amount on the pain and suffering you experienced after a devastating accident, what would you say? It can be impossible to put a value on these intangible harms. For most people, no amount of money is enough to make up for permanent disabilities, psychological damage, or personal… read more

What Is Texas’ Dram Shop Law?

When injured individuals file personal injury claims, they sometimes face multiple defendants. Several parties may have contributed to an injured plaintiff’s damages, and, therefore, the plaintiff has several potential avenues for compensation. Texas’ dram shop laws exist to protect individuals who suffer injuries and other damages from intoxicated individuals. Not only can an injured plaintiff… read more