Blogs are an excellent way of keeping informed about the news and developments in any profession. The legal profession can change particularly quickly, and blogs provide a ready source of news and recent developments for any lawyer.

Some of the best blogs for new professionals are:

  1. The Law Insider

The Law Insider blog has advice for individuals embarking on a law career, no matter what stage they are in their journeys. From student to experienced practitioner, you can find something to help you out at the Law Insider blog. Beginning law practitioners can find invaluable assistance at this blog.

  1. Lawyerist

The blog for an online collective of small-firm and solo lawyers, Lawyerist is a good tool for any lawyer who aspires to a smaller practice. With a variety of articles on good practice and running a successful legal firm, Lawyerist can be a good resource for a young lawyer looking to strike out on his or her own.

  1. SCOTUSblog

The SCOTUSblog keeps track of all rulings coming out of the Supreme Court and writes each case up at least three times. Furthermore, the bloggers keep track of news about the Supreme Court and the justices and writes on these topics, as well. This blog is accessible for all individuals, and can provide a look at the workings of the highest court in the land for a beginning lawyer.

  1. The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog

This law blog covers cases across the United States and often uses sources that no other blogs and legal resources may use. The Wall Street Journal’s law blog allows the beginning lawyer access to a variety of new sources for some of the biggest cases in the country.

  1. The Crime Report

Focused on providing simple and accessible reports on criminal cases and court rulings across the country, The Crime Report allows anyone to understand what the rulings were. For a new legal professional with a busy life, a quick and simple read of a situation may be an unexpected boon.

  1. Constitutional Daily

A blog just beginning its tenure on the internet, Constitutional Daily offers a wry look at the current legal news. New lawyers should investigate for an entertaining, informative legal analysis.

  1. The Volokh Conspiracy

Now affiliated with the Washington Post, the Volokh Conspiracy is written by a number of professionals in the legal field. These experts and lawyers take a look at daily legal news and offer commentary and analysis on the recent events.

  1. The Careerist

If you want to find a breakdown on the legal job market or want to know about hiring trends, The Careerist is one of the best blogs available. For an idea of your prospects, as well as how to get a job and what kind of opportunities are available, The Careerist is an excellent blog for a new legal professional or one looking to switch gears.

  1. Vault

If you have not figured out where you want to live and work, the Vault blog can give you a few ideas. Vault is both a job website and a blog, so if you are a new lawyer trying to figure out where to practice, both the Vault blog and website are excellent resources.

  1. iPhone J.D.

With the large number of apps available for the legal profession, a guide to the best can be nice. iPhone J.D. examines tech, operating systems, and apps for legal professionals. When you are just starting out, it can be nice to have someone tell you what a good system is and what makes it so effective.

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