If you are a busy professional, your smartphone is likely an integral part of performing your job. This is especially common for those in the legal profession whose jobs require a great many tools to perform correctly. Here are some of the most suggested apps for legal professionals.

  1. All Law

A free source for federal laws that comes with a legal dictionary, All Law offers additional legal material including state laws, Supreme Court cases, and the Federal Register. The additional content requires a one-time payment for each type of content.

  1. DragonDictation and Dragon Mobile Assistant

The former is for Apple and Blackberry devices, while the latter is for Android. Both apps are free. They can convert speech to text and text to speech, set reminders and appointments, and be programmed to respond only to your voice.

  1. iJury

This app allows lawyers to take notes about jury selection and allows the jurors to be seated based on either their name or number. It costs $14.99 for the original and has been made available for Android users at the cost of $9.99.

  1. Aptourney

The Aptourney app is designed to work with Dropbox and is currently free. Right now, however, the in-app offerings are limited. If you want more information than the app comes with, you have to put it in a Dropbox account.

  1. BriefCase

This app allows you to create briefs and put the finished product in your Dropbox account. The basic app is free, but there is an annual $9.99 cost for premium content. Both the basic and premium apps operate similarly.

  1. Fastcase

This app for Apple devices requires registration but is free afterward. Its database includes both federal and state cases, making this a versatile download. Searches can be performed using a variety of methods. Search histories and the ability to save documents are available for a fee.

  1. Legal Edge

This free app allows you to access legal articles and newspapers and also grants you access to the court filings for key cases. Legal Edge is designed for use on Apple devices only, but it allows you access to some of the most recent news in the legal world.

  1. Dropbox

While not designed specifically for legal professionals, a number of other legal apps make use of Dropbox storage. Combined with these other apps, a Dropbox account is a must. A Dropbox account is free but requires additional registration.

  1. Black’s Law Dictionary

Although a number of other apps include legal dictionaries, the Black’s Law Dictionary app costs $59.99. However, this app gives you access to the Ninth Edition of the Black’s Law Dictionary, making this download essential to creating official documents.

  1. MyCase

The MyCase app allows people with MyCase subscriptions to access various services for free. These services are necessary for the management of a law firm and include tools to communicate with clients, check calendars, log billing hours, and manage and assemble documents. Many other useful features are also included.

These are some of the most used apps for mobile platforms, but the list barely scratches the surface when it comes to the variety of legal downloads available. In addition to the standard methods of searching for apps, there are a number of sources for finding other programs. Whether you use search engines, stores, or legal websites and blogs, you can find an app for almost anything.

With so many available, you may want to try out a number of apps and choose the ones that best suit your business needs and individual preferences. Just because one is popular does not mean it suits everyone. Pick and choose the best apps for you.

Top 10 Mobile Applications for Legal Professionals from Attorney Brian White and Associates

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