With the increasing use of technology in both the classroom and courtroom, law students are likely to want to start using law apps as soon as possible. Not every option designed for legal professionals is suited for a student, though. A mix of apps specifically for law students and ones that can transition to practice may be the perfect decision.

  1. Black’s Law Dictionary

Available for both Apple and Windows devices, this app gives you immediate access to the most recent edition of Black’s Law Dictionary. This app is expensive, costing $54.99 for Apple and $59.99 for Windows devices. However, it is useful for both students and legal practitioners, making it an excellent investment for any law student.

  1. Fastcase

With access available for Apple and Windows users, Fastcase is another tool both law students and practitioners may find useful. With the ability to search a number of legal resources and free registration, law students will find their studies far easier when they use Fastcase.

  1. Statutes and Case Library

Pushlegal’s Statutes and Case Library gives law students and professionals access to legal statutes, court rules, and case law. This app now offers access to the company’s entire library free to law students, making it an essential tool.

  1. TrackBill

TrackBill allows access to an enormous database of both federal and state legislation. This catalog is updated to allow law professionals and students to see the process as it evolves. TrackBill is free for Apple and Android users.

  1. Wolfram Lawyer’s Professional Assistant

This app for Apple devices provides not only dictionary access, but the statute of limitations for every state, along with crime rate and demographic data and other tools. It costs $4.99 and is useful for experienced professionals as well as busy students.

  1. Rulebook

Relying on a number of rule books, the Rulebook app gives access to Bluebook, one of the most common case books used in law school. Take advantage of this additional resource. The basic app is free for Apple devices, but Bluebook access costs $39.99.

  1. U.S. Constitution: Analysis and Interpretation

The U.S. Constitution is the basis of the legal system of the entire United States. Therefore, having a resource that includes not just the Constitution, but various analyses and interpretations, is a wonderful asset. This app is distributed by the Congressional Research Service and is free for Apple devices.

  1. Dropbox

Many legal tools require Dropbox for their use. Law students should create Dropbox accounts in preparation for the conclusion of their studies and to allow them to become accustomed to these other apps.

  1. Lexis: Q&A

There are a number of Lexis apps, but one of the best studying resources for Apple and Android devices is the Lexis Q&A app series. This app includes both multiple choice and essay questions aimed for preparing the student for law school. Each download in this series costs $19.99.

  1. Barbri

Barbri allows law students to prepare for any stage of the studying and examination process. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices. It gives any scholar access to a variety of additional studying materials. The Barbri app is free to subscribers.

These are just a few of the options students may find useful as they enter their law careers. From apps designed for practitioners to other studying apps, there are a number of choices available to help academics. Law students should take a bit of time to discover and try out various apps to see which of them suit their preferences and styles. For more information and advice, reach out to local experts or review your options with peers.

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