Houston Swimming Pool Drowning Accident Lawyer

Houston Swimming Pool Drowning Accident Lawyer

Our Houston swimming pool drowning accident lawyers know that a relaxing time can quickly turn tragic. Swimming pool drownings are often fatal, but even non-fatal drownings can change your life forever. 

Swimming pools pose many hazards that can result in serious injuries and even death. If you were injured or if your family member died in a swimming pool accident in Houston, Texas, our personal injury attorneys can investigate the accident to determine if it was caused by someone else’s negligence.  

Negligence that results in devastating injury or death deserves a strong legal response. Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers will answer all your questions and walk you through your legal options. 

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How Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Houston Swimming Pool Drowning Accident 

How Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Houston Swimming Pool Drowning Accident 

Drownings can happen quickly and without warning. The statistics on swimming pool drownings are grim. Approximately 23% of all child drownings occur during family gatherings near swimming pools.  

Our Houston premises liability lawyers know that anyone, even capable swimmers, can be susceptible to drowning. For over 20 years, we’ve been leading advocates for accident injury victims. When negligent pool owners inflict harm on drowning victims, we know how to hold them accountable. 

When you hire us to take on your Houston, TX, swimming pool drowning accident, you’re getting a recognized law firm whose founding partner:  

  • Is a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Has achieved an Avvo rating of 10.0, the highest possible client rating
  • Received Avvo’s Clients’ Choice Award for 2021
  • Is one of very few Texas attorneys that’s Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law

Our recognitions and accolades are the direct result of getting exceptional verdicts and settlements for our clients. Since we’ve opened our doors, we’ve delivered tens of millions of dollars to accident injury victims.  

Insurance companies know that when Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers is on the case, we won’t hold back. If they don’t treat you fairly, we’ll take your case to court. Call us to find out more about how we can help if you’ve been affected by a swimming pool drowning accident in Houston. 

Who Is Responsible for Houston, Texas Swimming Pool Drowning Accidents?

Every year, there are 4,000 fatal drownings in the U.S. Sadly, drowning is one of the leading causes of death for children aged between 1 and 15. However, not all swimming pool drownings are fatal. Swimming pool drownings can result in debilitating injuries, including brain damage.   

When it comes to determining if a swimming pool owner is liable for a drowning accident, Texas premise liability law can be complex. Generally, a Houston swimming pool owner has a legal duty to reasonably ensure the safety of their invited guests. This might include the duty to:

  • Warn invitees of hidden dangers
  • Install a fence around the pool to prevent access by minors
  • Ensure safety equipment is available and in good working order
  • Have a lifeguard supervise swimmers

When a pool owner breaches their duty which then results in injury or a wrongful death, they may be negligent and therefore liable for the ensuing harm. Anyone who owns a swimming pool has a duty to protect people against unreasonable risks of harm. This includes apartment buildings, public swimming pools, and private swimming pool owners.

Establishing that a Houston swimming pool owner negligently caused a drowning takes a highly qualified and accomplished personal injury firm like Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers.  

What’s the Statute of Limitations for a Houston Swimming Pool Drowning Accident? 

Texas law places strict time limits on when a victim of a negligent Houston swimming pool drowning accident must assert their rights by filing a lawsuit. This is called the statute of limitations, and it’s important to understand how it works. 

In most cases involving personal injury, the victim has two years from the date of the accident or injury in which to file a lawsuit. If the swimming pool drowning accident resulted in death, the clock begins to run from the date of death.   

There are some limited, but extremely important, exceptions to the standard two-year limit. For example, if the injury took place on government property, the deadline to file a lawsuit could be considerably shorter.

Ensuring that you file your lawsuit on time is extremely important. If you fail to do so, your claim will be barred forever, no matter how strong it is. 

This is why you should consult Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers as soon as you can. We can assess your case and help you understand how long you have to file your complaint in court. 

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No one expects a day at the pool to end in catastrophe. Houston swimming pool drownings are painful enough, but when they could have been avoided, the emotional pain runs all the deeper.    

Houston swimming pool owners have a duty to protect swimmers from unreasonable risk of harm. When they fail to live up to that duty, their victims shouldn’t have to suffer the financial fallout. 

We can’t undo the accident, but we can help you get the compensation you’ll need to aid in your recovery from physical and emotional injuries. Call Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers today at (713) 500-5000 to get started.