Houston Electrocution Lawyer

Houston Electrocution Lawyer

Have you been in an accident resulting in an electrocution injury in Houston, TX? If so, you deserve to be compensated by the negligent parties. At Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers, our Houston electrocution lawyers have years of experience dealing with these types of serious personal injury matters. 

We know you are going through pain and dealing with the emotional impact that the accident and subsequent injury has had on you, and we will do everything in our power to hold the responsible party accountable.

Those whose negligence caused the accident and your injury should be the ones to pay. 

Our attorneys have the experience you need to get you the money you deserve. Contact us today at (713) 500-5000 and tell us about the accident. We can help. 

How Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’ve Been Electrocuted in Houston

How Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’ve Been Electrocuted in Houston

Managing the medical issues related to an electrical injury is daunting enough without having to be overwhelmed by legal matters. How to file a claim against the responsible party for negligence is not where your energy should be directed.

Let us handle the legal matters while you heal from your electrocution injury.

Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers is a well-respected law firm known for providing our clients with world-class representation. We have years of experience across a spectrum of personal injury cases and that experience means there are few surprises.

We know what to expect and we will be prepared for all possible hurdles. Hiring our personal injury lawyers means having the benefit of our combined experience going to work on your behalf. 

Here are just a few of the things you should know about our work: 

  • You pay nothing until we get a financial award for you. 
  • We gather support for your injury claim, including any documentation, camera footage, and witness accounts.
  • As a well-established firm, we have the resources to recruit top experts to back your claim. 
  • We work out deals with opposing counsel and insurance firms so they don’t take advantage of you.

Our Texas law firm can do all this and more. Contact our law firm’s Houston, TX office for a free consultation today. Learn more about what we can do to make this difficult time easier for you to manage. 

Electrocution Injury in the United States

If you or a loved one suffered an electrical injury as the result of negligence on the part of another, you are not alone.

Electrical injuries result in about 1000 deaths per year across the United States. High-voltage injuries make up about 400 of those deaths. Add to that the tens of thousands of injuries resulting from non-fatal electrical shocks, and you can see that many have suffered injuries similar to yours.

According to the National Institute for Health

  • Electrical injuries account for 5% of all hospital visits/admissions related to burns.
  • Children account for 20% of all electrical injuries, particularly among toddlers and adolescents.
  • Electrical injuries in adults tend to happen mostly in a work-related capacity, while children are typically injured in a home environment. 

The majority of fatalities occur during the performance of construction work. This is followed by jobs related to installation, repair, and maintenance work.

What is an Electrocution Injury?

When any part of your body comes into contact with an electrical source, it can cause an electrical current to course through your body, resulting in severe injury and sometimes even death.

The severity of your injury depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Intensity of the current
  • Length of sustained contact
  • Size of body frame
  • Gender
  • Skin wetness
  • Body area through which the current passes

There are generally four types of accidents that cause electrical injuries to occur:

  • Electric Shock: When an electrical current passes through or even over someone, it causes a reflexive response called electric shock. It can result in heart rhythm abnormalities, unconsciousness, or burns.
  • Electrocution: Death due to the passing of a current through the body.
  • Falls: An electric shock, even if relatively minor, may contract muscles and cause a severe fall. This is especially true for workers who work in high places like electrical lines.
  • Burns: Electrical burns result from coming into contact with any equipment of wiring that is energized.

Of these injury types, there is sometimes confusion regarding the difference between electrocution and electric shock.

Electric Shock

When a person’s body makes contact with electricity and suffers injury, this is generally called electric shock. Electric shock, while less likely to result in death, can nonetheless be very serious. The result of an electrical shock has the potential to leave the victim with severe damage including:

  • Loss of limb control
  • Numbness, tingling
  • Burns
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Tears of tissues, muscle, or ligament
  • Kidney disorder
  • Blood circulation disorders
  • Seizures
  • Respiratory arrest
  • Amputation of limbs

Electric shock can also result in significant nerve damage. This damage can be temporary or permanent. Depending on the organs through which the electricity passed, damage to the body can vary.

For example, if the current passed through the eyes, future cataracts could develop.


Defined as a more severe form of electric shock that can result in death, electrocution is the fourth leading cause of occupational death in the United States. When a person is electrocuted, there is a visible mark left where the current entered and exited the body.

Electrocution typically results in the same symptoms of electric shock, plus the addition of:

  • Paralysis of the heart
  • Paralysis of the respiratory system
  • Cardiac arrhythmia resulting in ventricular fibrillation

Wrongful death is typically attributed to cardiac failure resulting from the electric current coursing through the body.

Causes of Electrical Injuries

Overhead power lines are the number one cause of electrocution, but with electrical sources and hazards present throughout the home, workplace, and outdoors, electrical injuries are caused by a variety of accidents. 

The following are a few examples of common causes of electrical accidents: 

  • Attempting to perform electrical work without adequate education or training
  • Faulty appliances
  • Driving over a downed power line
  • Attempting to do uncertified home electrical work
  • Overloading power outlets
  • Not discarding appliances with frayed or damaged cords
  • Not unplugging cords by the base
  • Changing light bulbs without switching off power
  • Failure to watch for power cords before mowing or digging
  • Using electrical devices near a pool or bathtub

Electrocution also can happen in the workplace. These mishaps are typically due to an overload of circuits, poor wiring, powerlines, and/or not following regulations put out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

We Represent Clients in All Electrocution Injury Cases

If you are dealing with an electrical injury in Houston, our Houston personal injury lawyers will fight to get you what you deserve. Our firm handles a wide variety of electrocution  injury cases in Houston, including those arising from: 

We know our way around personal injury law and how to get you the best outcome available to you. 

What Compensation Can I Expect After an Electrocution Injury in Houston, TX?

It is difficult to determine exactly what you may be able to expect in terms of compensation following an injury. Much of it will depend on the severity of your injury, as well as your contribution, if any, to the negligence that resulted in the accident. 

In personal injury cases, compensation is broken into two categories: special damages and general damages. Special damages, also referred to as economic damages, are for financial costs associated with your injury. These can include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • In-home healthcare
  • Rehabilitation and therapy
  • Domestic services
  • Property repairs

General damages, also referred to as non-economic damages, are for more personal losses that cannot easily be assigned a monetary value. These could include:

  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Emotional trauma
  • Physical disfigurement

Apportionment of blame is also a factor in determining compensation. Texas has adopted modified comparative negligence rules. This means that if you were responsible for the majority of the negligence that contributed to the accident, you will be barred from recovery. 

Statute of Limitations for Houston Electrocution Cases

It is important that you waste no time in filing your claim. The law allows you only a certain window of time in which to file, known as the statute of limitations. In Texas, you have two years from the accident date. 

Call our Houston electrocution lawyers today to put the process in motion. We relieve you of the legal burden so you can concentrate on your health and recovery. Building a strong case and preparing for a possible trial is time consuming. Do not let those responsible for your injury benefit from your delay.

The sooner you get started, the more likely you will be able to get the compensation and justice you deserve. 

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