Commercial trucks have large blind spots called “no zones.” Blind spots represent the areas around the vehicle the driver cannot see when using mirrors. Commercial truckers are aware of no zones, but they sometimes ignore them, placing other motorists at risk. These blind spots are responsible for a significant number of truck accidents each year.

The Four No Zones of a Truck

Commercial trucks have four major no zones. This graphic by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) gives you a better picture of the location of these no zones. Here is more information on each one. 

Right Side No Zone

The largest blind spot is on the passenger side of the cab. The driver’s view is limited to a small portion out the right window and a small portion near the back of the trailer. This blind spot runs nearly the entire length of the trailer and extends to the two lanes immediately to the right of the truck. 

Left Side No Zone

The driver’s position in the vehicle allows them to see vehicles to the left side of the truck. However, there is still a no zone on the driver’s side that extends from the driver’s window to about half the length of the trailer on the left of the vehicle. 

Front No Zone

Many motorists do not realize that truck drivers cannot see the road in front of them due to the position and height of the driver’s seat. The front no zone extends to 20 feet from the truck cab. 

Rear No Zone

Truck drivers cannot see directly behind their trailers. The rear no zone extends to 30 feet behind the trailer. 

One of the best ways to avoid a truck accident is to avoid these no zones. Read on for more tips on driving safely around these no zones.

Avoiding No Zones To Avoid Truck Crashes

Being aware of the no zones is the first step to avoiding them. 

Here are some additional tips to keep you safe while sharing the road with a large truck:

  • Know the rule – The general rule when dealing with truck blind spots is “If you can’t see them, they can’t see you.” Look into the truck’s mirrors. If you don’t see their reflection, the driver probably can’t see you. 
  • Be careful when passing – Avoid passing on the right side. Pass on the left side when necessary. Signal so the truck driver will know what you are doing.
  • Don’t cut off a truck driver – Don’t cut off a truck driver when you are merging or passing. They cannot see the road directly in front of them, and you could wind up getting crushed if they don’t see you. The FMCSA advises motorists that trucks need much more time and space to stop than passenger vehicles. Try to allow for at least one car’s length per 10 mph you are driving between you and the truck. 
  • Don’t tailgate – Tailgating can be particularly dangerous behind a truck due to its massive rear blind spot. Truck drivers don’t have a rearview mirror, so they probably cannot see you if you are directly behind them. Back up and give them plenty of space.
  • Anticipate wide turns – Trucks need extra space when making a turn. Drivers have to swing wide to make the turn, so be careful if you are on either side of a turning truck. A truck driver will not be able to see if there is a vehicle immediately beside the truck when turning. If you notice a truck turning or they activate their turn signal, back up and stay away from the area between the truck and the curb.

We want to help you avoid truck accidents, but if you are injured in one, we are here to help.

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